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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Winter that Isn't

Its almost groundhog day.  As a former meteorology major and all around skeptic I really don't take stock in this nonexistent holiday other than the fact that there is a pretty humorous movie with its namesake.  But, in all seriousness, the weather and whether or not we will ever get a winter this year. 

The sidewalks are bare.  Grass is peeking through the skimpy snow cover that is quickly melting into the ever expanding puddles in the roadway.  The temperatures are cresting near fifty degrees.  It is just barely February right?  I even got to spend this gorgeous afternoon after work going for a walk outdoors with Emily. 

Part of me is quite sad.  My snowmobile has sat this entire season.  Its disuse makes me question the investment we make in that expensive hobby annually.  I also have yet to be able to sit at home and enjoy a good, quiet snowfall.  The other part of me is happy that spring may come quick.  Greens may grow sooner than expected.  Perhaps mud season won't linger like last year after an excessive season of snow.  

So far, this season is the winter that never was, or just plain isn't.  There's been some ice and a tiny bit of snow, but anytime I can wear short sleeves in Vermont on the first of February indicates a winter fail.  However, I know I need to not discount the next six weeks of weather.  A nor'easter could barrel across New England next week and then I'll probably be complaining about shoveling the driveway.  There's still plenty of time for winter to decide that it is. 


MarieElizabeth said...

As much as I'm missing the beauty of piles of snow, the 60 degrees today was heaven.

Rachel said...

It has been a strange winter here too! I can't get over it. I just looked at the 10 day forcast and all of the highs are in the 30's and 40's and the lows are only in the 20' has been strange indeed. I keep waiting for some huge storm....I think we have had only one or two subzero days and that is so strange for Minnesota.

jotham said...

"basking in the warmth of their hearths and hearts, I couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter."

Kristin said...

It snowed when I was in Michigan this weekend. That was my fix. I'm good now, back in the South, 66 degrees. I loved taking my kids on a walk this morning without all their layers!

SharleneT said...

Much as I'm enjoying the milder winter, I know we're going to pay for it, this summer, when we either have or come close to serious water problems. We need the winter snow to fulfill the cycles and this is lovely but not good... Our only hope is a very wet April. Keeping fingers crossed... Come visit when you can.

Ms Life said...

I live in Vienna, Austria and we have only had one day of serious snow. Of course, it had melted by the following day. The real cold only hit us a couple of days ago. We are just crossing our fingers that winter does not linger on since it is starting so late. However, we still have no snow even if it's cold. Greetings from Vienna!

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