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Monday, February 20, 2012

Unsafe Ingenuity

I always love it when people think outside of the box.  Usually that's where you find the best solutions to the toughest problems.  However, there are times when such ingenuity can backfire.  Sometimes a fix creates more issues than it solves.  

The ambulance is the perfect place to think outside the box (while being inside a big red/white box) and this is where my example of a solution to a problem, while good intentioned, wasn't the best idea.  

Here is a backboard and the headrest for the backboard.  It looks to be completely fine, nothing special to see, unless you look closely...

Yeah, that appears to be a coat hanger or piece of metal of some sorts.  Its not how those headrests are suppose to be fastened.  While its an ingenious fix and keeps a broken piece of equipment functioning it isn't acceptable to keep on the ambulance.  I'm always impressed how most anything can be McGuyvered, but there is always a line when it comes to what's professional and acceptable.  Of course, this isn't in service on the ambulance.  Its just a great example of a "nice try" to fix something before the boss said "throw it out". 


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