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Friday, February 24, 2012

It Is Here


It's finally arrived.

For the first time since before Thanksgiving we are under a winter storm warning and have the potential for a half a foot of snow. A half a foot of snow!

Okay... so that's no monstrosity of a storm, but if you are measuring in terms of this year's snowfall it's noteworthy. How sad is that? What a very un-Vermont-like winter this has been. My snowmobile is crying from abandonment.

So my camera battery is charging, our snowmobiles are registered and waiting, and there is white stuff freshly falling from the sky. Shawn and I are definitely going to take advantage of it. This entire weekend will be spent taking photos and snowmobiling, two things this season hasn't lent itself too.

It's finally winter. Heck yeah!


Mel said...

Luck you! Here in ID, we are still waiting! We had one day of snow that was gone as quick as it came. I guess winters like this make us more appreciative of the ones when we are dumped on.

The Sweetest Days said...

I liked what you said on Facebook better ; )

Hope you had a blast out snowmobiling! It's been years since we've gone. The first time of the season I would be seeing trails all night in my dreams!

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