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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Importance of a Teddy Bear

Nothing can fully convey the importance of a Teddy Bear for a child.  When I found out I was going to have a baby finding the perfect Teddy Bear was high up on my list of things I must do, right up there with picking a name and color for the nursery.  As someone who still has her teddy bear from when she was a baby, which is now safely sitting on a shelf in my closet, I firmly believe that the right Teddy Bear can comfort one through anything.  From stormy nights to sick days home from school, a teddy bear has a lot of important duties.  So, for months I have been on the search for the perfect sidekick for my Emily.

You can't just search out and buy the perfect Teddy Bear.  It has to find you, and when it does you have no doubts that its the perfect one.  A love at first sight sort of thing.  So, it didn't surprise me that when Emily was born I didn't have a Teddy Bear already picked out for her.  I wasn't going to rush it.  Then, just this past weekend, I found one.  

Its cute and boy is it cuddly.  Oh, and most importantly its machine washable. Emily and this new Teddy Bear became fast friends.  She has squished and squeezed him since we gave him to her.  I am not going to name this Teddy Bear, however.  That honor will be saved for Emily when she is old enough, just like I did.  The name I chose for mine was "Gray Teddy", since he is, you know, gray. 

What do you want mom?!  I am trying to bond with my new BFF!

Oh, just a photo-op?  Sure thing! 


Mrs. H said...

awww, so precious! My Anna Lynn has a lamb, but I'm thinking about making a teddy for her out of some of her old clothes!
Miss Emily is getting so big!

Solomon's Porch said...

She is so adorable and growing so fast.....

Glyndalyn said...

Wow, is Emily sweet. Her new bear is perfect. I, too, have my childhood Teddy bear. His name is Bimbo because that was the name on his tag.

Suzanne Mc said...

I just heard on the radio this morning that 35% of British adults sleep with teddy bears.

Misty Dawn said...

So, so sweet!

ladylisabear69 said...

She is so cute and happy.

I still have my first teddy, named "Red Teddy" as it is (still) very red. My son's preferred stuffed critter is a dog, appropriately named "Puppy".

Suggestion - buy a second of the same adorable bear for emergencies and when this one is in the wash.

Lindie said...

My daughter and son in law went to build a bear and made their daughter-to-be a teddy. They put a little heart in it with all their love. She is 11 now and still tells me all their love comes with her when she spends the night at my house because she always brings him.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Aww Lindie! That's the sweetest thing ever and an incredibly great idea. :)

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