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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fuel for the Soul

So, it appears that winter has definitely arrived, albeit late. The one storm we had last weekend, which dropped a mere three inches at my house, laid over a foot of snow where our former cabin and my in-laws are. What's more is that there is yet another winter storm expected tonight!  Of course I am excited.  The meteorologist in me is eager to see how high the snow totals will creep up, the photographer in me is eager to plan another trip to take photos, and the mother in me is thinking about playing with Emily in the snow.  

Every snow storm sparks some sort of excitement in me, as if the excitement from the days when I was little and waiting for the school closings to scroll across the screen is burning inside me.  I don't miss a chance to enjoy a snow storm, just like the one this past weekend.  As soon as I could I bundled Emily up and whisked her outside where I promptly took several photos to commemorate the first real snow this entire winter. 

Don't even get me started on how cute she is in that pink snow suit.  I just am very glad I have had a chance to use it before she outgrows it!  A week ago I didn't know if we'd get any sort of snow this winter.  Thankfully we did or I would have missed this adorableness.  

Since the fresh snow fell on the weekend my morning could be spent driving the back roads with Shawn and Emily taking photos.  Boy, did it feel good to get out with my camera!  Its so darned hard between work and motherhood to find time to devote to taking photos let alone editing them.  Somehow this weekend I managed both.  

And to make my weekend even better I sold a print of another one of my photos.  It has actually been a few months since I've sold a photo and I was beginning to feel sort of down about it.  So, between the snow, taking some great new photos, having time to edit them, share them, and then selling another photo I feel quite uplifted.  What great timing since my days have been long and full of responsibilities.  Some how life always has a way of giving you what you need when you need it. 


Jamethiel Crabb said...

I had the exact opposite reaction to snow with my son: terror. And cold. Of course he was born in the middle of February last year, when we had more than enough snow halfway up Mt. Abe in Lincoln where we lived. I was so afraid to take him outside-I would make my husband heat up the car before waddling outside with Kade wrapped up in no less than 8 different layers most of the time!

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

That is a great photo of Emily in the snow. I have hundreds of photos of my two little boys playing in the snow. The white stuff falling from the sky and even being made into snowmen just seems to have the ability to amaze and create a sense of wonder in children. Fun to watch and enjoy through a parent's eyes!

MarieElizabeth said...

Both are beautiful, but that first one is priceless!

Smile Steady said...

That little girl of yours is getting SO PRETTY! And I'm so glad you got to use the snow suit. I think baby snow suits might be one of my new favorite things!

Suzanne Mc said...

What a sweet snow angel Emily is!

Dianne said...

Emily is adorable in her pink snowsuit! Great snow scene of the covered bridge...will have to check out your pics for sale.

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