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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five Months In

So today marks exactly five months since Little Miss Emily arrived.  At this moment she is sitting in my lap bouncing back and forth.  Lately its her favorite place to be as she tries to touch the keys and makes squeaky noises.  

She's quite the talker now with lots of babbling, sighs, and noises.  You'll quickly know if she is content or not, because she won't hesitate to tell you.  If she's supported or positioned just right she can sit up fairly well for a minute or two.  Tummy time is more fun now that she can lift her head up high and roll around.  She's growing like a weed and just this past week she's started wearing some size six months clothes!  Gosh, I hate packing up her tiny clothes that she doesn't fit into anymore.  

I can only image how Emily will keep growing, what her personality will become, and if her red hair will turn curly like her mother's and father's.  One thing is for sure, I can't believe that five months have passed already.  While I love to look ahead and wish for the next milestone its hard to look back and realize how much she's grown already!  Boy, its going so fast.  Six months will be here before I know it I'm sure. 


The Sweetest Days said...

I swear my girls were the cutest ever at 6 months to a year old. I could have just eaten them up! That top photo of Emily is so adorable. Definitely one to frame! xoxo

Buttercup said...

Emily is too cute!

Ms Life said...

Oh my goodness. It just seems like last month when you announced that you were in the family way! I can't believe Princess is already this big. The first picture is really so cute, like she is paying attention to something you are saying.

Dianne said...

Oh so CUTE!!! I love the photo of her in the swing showing her getting bigger!

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