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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breathing Room

Every child does thing that makes a mom gasp in horror.  The other day I went into Emily's room to wake her up in the morning and found her blanket laying across her face.  I was horrified, but quickly realized she was just fine.  

There's a baby under there!

Then I noticed that she was doing this every single time she slept.  She wanted a blanket over her face.  When she slept int he car seat she pulled a blanket over her face.  Its developed into a habit so that she can't fall asleep soundly without a blanket over her head.  At first the whole idea of my daughter covering her mouth and nose didn't sit well in the least, but once I realized she was fully capable of putting the blanket there, removing it, and wouldn't sleep well otherwise I reluctantly decided that it was okay.  Apparently there are some preferences that children develop that worry parents, but are really just fine!


Hydrant girl said...

She needs an afghan!!! (do you call them down there? Knitted blankets w/ holes so they can still breathe?)

Beth said...

My son did the same thing and it freaked me out at first too. He had a crocheted baby blanket with holes in it though so that made me feel a little better. :)

Suzanne Mc said...

My son, now 11 years old, has done the same thing his whole life. I still worry that he can't breath and tend to pull the blanket off his head in the middle of the night. He promptly replaces it. What is a mother to do?

Melanie said...

All my kiddos have done that. We are on our fouth and last baby and it still freaks me and hubs out a bit!

BertiesBakery said...

Yikes! No kids for me yet, but this would definitely make me nervous too! Good luck :)

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