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Monday, January 30, 2012

What I do When my Husband Works the Night Shift

While having nights alone isn't always fun I also look at them as a distinct advantage in inserting randomness into my life.  As I find myself sitting up near midnight listening to dubstep whilst the movie Titanic is playing on my television I had to run down the bizarre list that made up my evening and brought me to the chaotic noise that is filtering through my living room. Then I realized that nights like these are pretty typical once Emily falls asleep and I am left up to my own devices.

So here is a perfect example of how bizarre my evenings without Shawn can be, because tonight I...

Made a homemade pizza
Read more of the Hunger games trilogy
Did some weight lifting and aerobics 
(and here is where my night went on a bizarre tangent)
Researched that Ferris Beuller Sequel Teaser (its for a car commercial btw) 

Watched bizarre music videos on YouTube like this one...

Discovered dubstep
Discovered my little sister hates dubstep
Watched Titanic
Listened to dubstep while watching Titanic (it goes well with the sad string quartet solo, oddly)
Had a dance party that the dogs joined
Realized it was midnight and I needed to get my butt off the internet and go to bed

Shawn would think I had gone out of my gord had he been home.  Chick flicks, dubstep, dancing.  Its not exactly how we spend our nights together when he's home, but that's why I love these nights I get to myself.  I still get to be as weird as I want without a care in the world. 


Hydrant girl said...

Sounds like a great night. Mine included mini chocolate bars, Desperate Housewives and wine. Solo :-)

Fire Wife Katie said...

Lol, that is a very random evening! Having one of those alone nights myself right now, minus the crazy. ;)

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