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Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Sunday Morning

There isn't much going on at my house this morning.  Its the kind of morning where its too cold outside to do anything except snuggle up inside where its warm.  There's currently a fight for the chair that sits near the pellet stove.  So far there is a three way tie.

Other than that there's nothing too exciting around our house until the football games begin this afternoon.  Then, this house will be filled with excitement and possibly shouting since I am a displaced Ravens fan living in the heart of New England. 

These are the days that make life worth living.  No errands.  Nowhere to be.  No people to please.  Just family, a warm home, and the added bonus of football rivalry.  Yes, please! 


Anonymous said...

We have fights like that in our house too! From the picture you posted, it's hard to decide who was in the chair first and who was last! Snuggle days are some of the best days!


Misty Dawn said...

LOVE that photo! It made me smile HUGE! I've got three Border Collies in my living room right now... one is sleeping on my feet, another is on the floor right next to me (snoring), and the male is pacing and whining because his dad went out to feed cattle and didn't take him. *sigh*

MarieElizabeth said...

Love that shot! Too cute.

Mrs. H said...

I love those days, but I hate the cold...Thanks for sharing that super cute picture!

kittyhere said...

Like the new header.

The Sweetest Days said...

What a picture! That is one content cat. There is definitely peace on earth in your house, Jen.

Michelle said...

This sounds like a perfect day to me!!

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