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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Last night marked my return to the ambulance after about a six month hiatus due to the arrival of Little Miss Emily.  With motherhood and my new Monday through Friday job it hasn't been easy to orchestrate my return, but finally I made it happen...  On Friday the 13th, during a snowstorm, and at night.   

Actually, my shift was quite uneventful with only one call that really didn't warrant an ambulance in the least.  Since it was not an actual emergency I opted to drive and let the younger EMT chief the call.  The roads were bad and our call was far off the beaten path, as they always seem to be when the weather is bad.  I was grateful for my decision to be behind the wheel since my years of driving an ambulance in the throes of winter more than tripled my partners. 

There wasn't anything to mention, nothing exciting happened, and we traversed the snowy, icy roads just fine.  However, in true Jen fashion, I of course proved to have very little tact over the radio.  

"Ambulance 2 to dispatch"

"Go ahead to dispatch"

"We are off at the hospital"

"Ambulance 2 off at the hospital.  What is your ending mileage?"

-- silence --

"Ambulance 2.  What is your ending mileage?"

"Uh... sorry dispatch I don't have any mileage."
Next time I will remember to set the odometer when we leave the scene!  Ha.... 


Anonymous said...

Jen, in the photo, what is the overhead hoses on tracks?
- Bill

Amanda said...

Bill, I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that's so you can leave the ambulance running in the garage without filling it with exhaust.

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