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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Bits

There is so much going on, as always, that I barely have time to write a proper post, let alone read others' blogs, so I decided to do a little justice and talk a bit about the baby to update everyone.  

How old is Emily now?
19 weeks and 4 days

How big is she?
13 and a half pounds!

Is she sleeping through the night?
Nope.  Although, she does often give us a five hour stretch followed by two hour stretches until 6am.  Unfortunately that five hour stretch begins at 7pm when its not appropriate to go to sleep just yet.  I am anxiously awaiting a full nights sleep someday

What is her latest accomplishment?
She's just starting to roll over!  Often she likes to spend time hanging out on her side. 

Does she have any sort of schedule?
Not in the least.  Everyday is different with Emily.  Some days she will nap for two straight hours at three different times throughout the day.  Other days she may close her eyes for a total of a mere twenty minutes.  She is hungry at varying times, too.  The one consistent thing with her is that the hour preceding bedtime has been dubbed her "cranky time".

How was her VCG?
The test to see if she had urinary reflux happened last week and it was negative!  She now has a completely clean bill of health and doesn't have any greater risk of a recurring UTI than any other baby.  That means no more antibiotics and their horrible side effects.  Wa-hoo! 

What's her favorite thing to do?
Sit naked, except for a diaper, on the couch and play with a plush, fuzzy blanket.  Its the simple things!

What is she eating?
Formula is still the main staple of her diet, but she's started taking some rice cereal every now and then.  The spoon is quite the perplexing object to her!

How are Shawn and I adjusting to being new parents?
Its still incredibly hard to find time to be adults together.  In fact, we haven't had any time together and alone really at all since Emily made her debut.  We are long overdue for a date night, or day, or lunch hour.  Ha.

Any Photos?
I've been horrid with sharing photos of her on here.  Months ago I had ambitions of sharing weekly photos, but even that small commitment fell through the cracks.  Even so, I still take photos when I can, even if I don't share them frequently.  

I know I am not always the most prompt with celebrating milestones or updating everyone on things, so if there is anything else you'd like to know or are wondering about let me know!  Often my days (and nights) are a whirlwind of activity and, frankly, sometimes I choose to ignore the digital world, my blog, and everything else in general.  Instead I'd rather spend time making noises with Emily and giggling, which I'm sure you can understand!


Smile Steady said...

Of course we understand you spending time with your girl! And I am so so glad her tests were all clear. That has got to take a huge weight off your shoulders!

Anonymous said...

I'n not sure if you are reading the comments I leave, or if you just arent interested....twice now I have recommended a book to help with sleeping through the night......The Baby realy works. I wont mention it again....maybe you dont want to try it and thats fine.

Ruth in Canada

Jen at Cabin Fever said...


I remember you mentioning that comment before. I have yet to use a self help book with hopes that she will figure out the sleep thing on her own, plus I've been told so many conflicting things about when to even begin sleep training. I am not sure Emily is old enough. I'm definitely keeping your book in mind for if and when my patience wears out :)

Glyndalyn said...

Glad to learn Emily is now a healthy and happy baby. Great photo of her with her blanket.

SharleneT said...

Isn't it wonderful how much your life changes when such a little package arrives. So far as time for you and Shawn to get together, you're going to have to actually make time or your relationship will be all texting! But, every bit of it is wonderful; don't you think? Come visit when you can.

kittyhere said...

Love the photo of Emily and her pink blanket.


What a little cutie pie!! She must bring you so much joy! So lovely (and hardwork)watching them grow everyday. She certainly does look a real little Irish colleen!! Lovely blog! xx AnneMarie xx

Mel said...

She is beautiful!

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