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Monday, May 30, 2011

In Memory

Happy Memorial Day 

Bless those who serve, have served, and will serve. 


This weekend I reached a huge milestone.  24 weeks.  Smack in the middle of the second trimester I've reach the landmark date known by the medical community as the age of viability.  That means should I go into labor, God forbid, my little babe stands a chance of surviving.  Her life can be fought for and she can win!  Much earlier than this weekend, even with resuscitation attempts, a premature infant born before this gestational age wouldn't survive.  She'd instead be swaddled and placed in my arms as the doctors would explain there was nothing they could do.  

So, while there are still months to go I am savoring this little milestone knowing that my baby has now gone from being just a part of me to a viable person all her own.  In the mean time I'll keep her cookin' a little longer.  

Here's to 24 weeks!  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready or Not - A Test Date has been Set!

So officially I am unofficially a Registered Nurse!  Meaning, according to the state of Vermont I have a temporary Gradate Nursing licensed as an RN, but its not the real deal.  It only lasts 90 days so I have to take my NCLEX and pass it in that time frame if I want to make that RN after my name official and permanent. 

Don't worry...  I'm going to make it official.  

In just under three weeks I will be sitting for the NCLEX-RN.  Its officially been scheduled, paid for, and is not set in stone.  I'm even taking off a day of work for the occasion, which work doesn't mind since the test outcome greatly impacts them as well.    Now all that I have to do is study...

A lot.

Because I'm a slacker.

Yes, I'll admit that I've been out of school for a few weeks now and have manage only a miniscule amount of studying thanks to my new job and complete freedom from assignments and school for the first time in the last three years.  The sudden lack of structure and grade that matter really wreaks havoc on my diligence to study on my own.  Soaking up novels that I've abandoned over the years I was in school has seemed so much more enticing...   But now that its official and there is a date looming.  This means my adult responsibility, that drove me through school while sacrificing any other sort of life, is going to kick in.  

To the books I go so I can make this my one valiant and successful attempt!  Think happy thoughts for me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Did Last Night

I've spent my entire evening glued to my computer monitor in sheer horror and fascination.  While I've always loved weather, especially the severe aspect of it, I still felt a horrible knot in my stomach while watching a tornado form before my eyes and then flatten towns and trees as if they were made of paper. 

I took some screen shots of the live feed as I watched it and thought I'd share them with you from the tornado's inception to death and damage after.  Its chilling.

Be thankful for what you have, pray for those who face tragedies such as this, and be humbled by the amazing power of the weather.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saving the Day in an Ambulance sort of Way

We had been busy all morning and lunch was a little late.  It was just one of those days and I was very thankful that for the first hour of my shift where I was still stuffed with sleepiness that I was able to fit in a quick nap to shake off the tiredness that had followed me on the long drive to the station. 

By some grace of God we had just finished eating lunch.  I was able to enjoy my vanilla pudding cup in complete peaceful bliss before hearing some unusual radio traffic on the station's overhead speakers.  It was another ambulance.  There had been some trouble.  Something went wrong and they were now out of service on the side of the interstate with a patient in the back.  

"Oh!  We get to go help them!  And they have a paramedic, must be a serious call."  I said to my partner, not wasting any time getting to the truck.  Nothing is worse heading to a hospital with a sick patient only to be delayed or completely derailed and we didn't want to make them wait any longer.

At first we thought they were trying to go to the hospital right next to our station... taking a critical patient from a 911 call for aid.  Then the speakers cracked again before we could leave the station and we heard the medic on the downed ambulance advise he was en route to a larger Level I hospital, a good hour away.  We were just signed up for a long distance transfer for a patient that wasn't ours from a hospital we don't facilitate with.  ...that's just how it work's sometimes. 

After a short jog up the interstate we spotted the other ambulance.  Actually, more accurately put, we smelled the other ambulance.  Brakes.  Hot Brakes.  That was what we could smell a good half mile before reaching them.  Then there was the giant splatter of blood splashed across the road and it became clear what had happened.

Roadkill... aka... dead deer. 

Note the blood and excrement on the front of the passenger side?

With their truck disabled and out of service our ambulance swooped in, gathered up the patient and their paramedic, and continued on our merry way the long travel down the interstate to the Level I hospital.  It was an uneventful ride once the patient was in our ambulance.  He dozed and the medic and I, who has also just recently graduated nursing school and is waiting to take is NCLEX exam as well, chatted the entire way.  

It was just another day of doing my job and getting credit for saving the day, but really all I did was show up when I was called, pick up a patient, and then take a long ride to another hospital.  Nothing different than normal, but it still makes for a cool story. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beneath the Blossoms

I know I posted a very similar photo to one of these in my last post, forgive me, but I really really love it for some reason.  Its not that the photo is special... heck, its just outside the door from one of the ambulance services I work for, but every time I see this photo and look at these blossoms I can smell the amazingness of those flowers.  The sharp sweetness is permanently etched in my brain like a blissful memory.

The wind was blowing all the little petals through the air as if I was being showering with confetti as I walked beneath the branches.  For a moment I wasn't at work.  I wasn't tired and worn down from days on end with fraught and shortened sleep and longer than expected hours at work without many moments to sit down.  Instead, I was beneath a canopy of sugary colored flowers in dappled sunlight.  It was a haven and heaven, both are appropriate. 

Even the puddles held a ring of scattered petals carried there by the wind, like the aftermath of a celebration waiting to be swept away.  It should be no surprise that I spent my time breathing in this fresh and dulcet moment, and snapping photos with my iPhone.  --before I thought to go back inside and grab my 'real' camera were were rushed off to save the day for another ambulance that had broken down on the side of the road, but that's another story.

Forgive my poetic and sappy moments in this post... I must soak them in while I can for I am off to spend another week long stretch of day shifts learning, and being thrust into, the throes of nursing. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

And It Wasn't the End of the World.

And its a good thing too, because I love seeing moments like these...

 Storms Passing

Flowers Blooming

Husbands and dogs quietly sleeping.

Here's to the world not ending!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Answers! I've got 'em

Part of me actually wondered if anyone would ask questions, but actually I was quite impressed with the variety of things people ended up asking.  Sometimes I feel like I am so sporadic with my post topics that its hard to get a good sense of some particulars about me, and also I don't share everything, so I am glad I have a chance to spill some details some of you have been pondering...

So without further adieu...

Do I live near Coventry, VT?
No, currently we live in the Upper Valley area.   We used to live in Island Pond until this past winter, which is about 30 minutes from Coventry.  I've been there many times, taken many photos there, and have been past the fields where the Phish concert was held.  There are still upside down trees standing in the fields from that concert. 

How rustic was my old cabin?
I had power, running water, and wireless internet thanks to DSL.  So, in comparison to our hunting camp which has none of the above I would say not very.  However, it wasn't a kit house and literally built from the ground up by the man who we bought the house from.

Photo of the cabin?
Oddly enough I don't have a ton of really good photos...  

Do you still own it?  And do you miss it?
I wish I could afford two homes, but we can't, so we only own our ranch house.  Actually, I miss the cabin quite a bit.  Well... more so I miss Island Pond.  Its not my cup of tea to live in town with so much hub-bub around. 

Does being a mother-to-be or mom change my career plans and, if so, how? 
Absolutely it does.  The fact that I am expecting is the core reason I took the job I did.  I have had several more appealing job opportunities that weren't feasable at all due to a pending bundle of joy.  Night shifts, no matter how appealing the job title, are just not possible with a firefighting husband and a newborn to find daycare for.  Overnight daycare when you don't live near family doesn't exists.

What level EMT am I?
I am an Intermediate (in Vermont and Nationally Registered).  My husband is a paramedic.  I plan on challenging the paramedic exam with my RN licensure.  I've always wanted to become a paramedic, but Shawn and I have determined that financially and schedule wise it is not ideal for both of us to be paramedics as our primary career. 

My favorite part about being an EMT
The fact that every single day of work is different and honestly I find the job extremely fun.  I mean, I get to see and do all sorts of cool things like ride four wheelers to reach patients and climb into mangled cars and start IVs in upside down, trapped people.  At least that is my idea of fun.

Craziest patients I've had?
  • I once had a woman start talking about herself in the third person, as if she had multiple personalities, and state she was mad at this other personality.  Then she proceeded to attack me seconds later.  Fortunately we were already en route to a psych hospital.   
  • Last week I had a man who called us at 4am because he had had a mild cough for 14 days and the directions on his cold medicine said to call the doctor if his symptoms didn't go away after taking the medicine for 14 days.  He took the directions literally as "call 911" if his cold symptoms persisted the second he woke up on the 14th day.  

How did I become passionate about photography?
I always loved taking photos since I was really little.  Perhaps it was the memories they brought back years later looking at them.  Until a couple friends actually asked to buy a couple photos of mine as prints about a year and a half ago I never thought of it as anything more than something I did for myself for fun.  Then I realized that maybe I had found my talent, my niche, and chose to practice and really better myself at it.

How did I figure out what I was doing with photography and editing photos?
I took a half semester course that spent about two weeks on photography, among other things, in high school and attended a summer camp as a child that held a week long photography class.  Those two classes are the only photography classes I've ever attended.  I've never attended any class to learn about editing.  Basically the answer to both is that I've read articles/blogs online, examined other photographer's photos (as in - why does that particular photo look so good?) and then practiced.  Lots and lots of shooting, missing shots, and learning by my own mistakes and masterpieces.

What names are in the running for my baby girl?
We are tossing around a couple, in fact, I think we have settled on one, but I am keeping it a secret from most everyone except family.  I want to name to be a surprise, plus we both want to be able to change our minds in the next couple of months just in case something else sounds more 'right'. 

What is my religious affiliation?
I was raised Seventh Day Adventist, however I do not follow that religion now that I am an adult.  My career choices have led to me not attending services of any kind for quite some time.... you don't get weekends off for Church in EMS.  I'd basically classify myself as a non-practicing Christian/Agnostic. I've talked with my husband (who doesn't attend church either, and never really has) about religion and our child.  When our child is older, perhaps toddler age, it is important to me to try and see if attending a church will work for us.  I think church is a great foundation for proper behavior, socializing, morals, and values. 

Am I democrat or republican?  And what do I think about the government's involvement in my life?
I hate classifying myself as either.  Really, when you do I think it limits you to your opinions and other people make assumptions about your views.  I let my political orientation be determined by my view of the particular issue I am considering.  And personally I don't think the government is too involved in my life, but only because for myself personally I am not really affected by any issue directly that is a hot-topic at the moment.

How do I see myself raising/teaching my child and would the child's sex cause a difference?
I want my child to do whatever she wants to do.  If she wants to have everything pink, pretty, and sparkly then she will and if she wants to play in the dirt and catch frogs than she can, too!  However, I will add, that if I were having a boy I would probably not encourage my boy to dress like a girl or be so pretty and sparkly.  I'm a believer in some sort of gender lines, just my opinion. 

How soon do I see myself having another child, if I do at all?
I absolutely want another child, but my hopes are for two things to happen before I do;  That my first  child is potty trained completely and that we have moved into a bigger house

What was my favorite snack as a kid?
I loved and still love butterscotch krimpets.  I have never seen them sold anywhere north of Maryland so I only get them now when I return home to visit my parents.  They are amazing.  I buy a couple boxes every time I visit and then promptly eat the entire contents in two days. 

What kind of music do I like?
Its really eclectic and depends on my mood, however my staple is usually rock and classic rock.  I've always loved classic rock since I was a kid and my parents listened to it. 

What movies influenced me growing up?
I don't know if any movies influenced me per se, however the Never Ending Story and the Goonies were favorites of mine that definitely made me imagine that impossible ideas were possible. 

What are some blogs I visit on a daily basis?

I actually browse and read a lot of blogs, but not on a daily basis.  Some days I'm too busy (or tired) to read any.  Other days these bloggers don't post.  My RSS feed is my best friend and allows me to catch up with everyone's site when I finally have time.  

How has my ETSY shop been working out? (You can Visit it Here)
I have sold a couple of prints on my ETSY site, but its not a bustling business by a long shot.  My sales of prints in general comes in spurts, usually one here and there, and then sometimes I don't sell any for months at a time.  The big draw for me is that its easy to maintain and is another inexpensive way for me to get my photos more exposure. 

Do I use a tripod or free hand photos?
Yes and yes.  It depends on the subject, my patience, and lighting.  Lately I haven't been using a tripod.

Would I consider doing a tutorial on HDRs and Textures?  
I'd love to!  I just need to have more free time and the ability to sit still and type something up. Its something that I will do at some point.  Hopefully.  

Thank you to everyone who asked questions or left wonderful comments!  What a wide variety of questions and comments.  I'll definitely open up the floor to more in the future... hint... when I am knee deep in motherhood with a newborn baby and once again don't have the time or strength to post much! 

And of course, you can always email me at  vtcabinfever(at)hotamil(dot)com  too, if you'd like.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Questions Anyone?

One thing I've never done since I started this blog is hold a question and answer forum.  I'm not really sure why, but being that I am overly busy adjusting to a new job's demanding orientation and haven't had a ton of free time to do anything too exciting other than folding laundry I figured there is no better time than now to hold my first ever question/answer post!

So go ahead...

Ask me anything you want in a comment below and I will answer all your questions in my next post this weekend.  

Feel free to ask me anything you'd like, from pregnancy and ambulances, to what kinds of deodorant I use.  Its up to you and I am eager to see what you've been wondering that I maybe haven't answered in all my random posts. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bump...Just Because.

Because I've started my new job (yesterday) and a full day on my feet is utterly exhausting.

Because, oddly enough, working an eight hour day as a nurse is way more demanding than most 24 hour days as an EMT

Because my time management after work is apparently fairly poor.

Because I don't have a day off until the 28th.  Seriously.

Because I don't have time to catch up on anything... housework, reading, blogs, life. 

Because its been raining since Saturday and will rain until this Saturday.

Because all the flowers I bought are, well, not pretty and bloomed yet so I don't have anything exciting to take photos of.  (I bought bushes that need to grow)

Because I look like June Cleaver (in heels!) and I don't know where my husband's belt is in this photo.

But love it anyway...

The husband. Myself. And the babe at 22 weeks.

That's pretty much all I've got.  For now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

When Blogger Was Down

On Friday the 13th countless Bloggers awoke to find that their blogs were not functional.  New posts were lost, comments erased, and I suddenly wondered what to do with myself.  My morning routine of posting and reading was derailed, but before I could even collect my thoughts my husband whisked me away...  

to Home Depot that is.

What a guy.  

Actually, we ended up accomplishing more than I ever imagined.  After perusing the garden center and other various locations of the store we settled on several projects for the day.  My hands, feet, and legs were covered in dirt before long.  I was contorted into positions no pregnant woman could ever comfortably be in (and my back sorely paid for it later that evening), but it was great.  The sun beat down strong and I soaked in the heavy doses of Vitamin D.  While I gardened, planting flowers here and there, rearranged plants, watered, and played with the dogs in the grass Shawn worked on our newly installed fence, adding a gate. 

Hours later I was dirty and sweaty, but felt amazing.  I had forgotten about my blog and in doing so remembered what it was like to get up off my duff and accomplish something with substance.  While I love ya'll who come and read my blog (some of you everyday!)  I hope that you don't forget to turn off your computer and disconnect once and a while.  :)  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pay it Forward Giveaway Winner

After an extended day of entries to catch up with Blogger's server down time I've now selected a winner for the Pay it Forward giveaway!  

Congratulations to CTN, commentor #1, for being randomly selected!  Please send an email to vtcabinfever(at)hotmail(dot)com with your address so I can send you your "Old Red Dodge" photo! 

And I am hoping that each of you, even if you didn't win, do something nice for someone else 'just because'.  Don't worry... I always have giveaways 'just because', too.  There will be more chances to for cool stuff down the road.  Meanwhile... you can always check out this month's Photo Assignment!

Out of a Sound Sleep

Last night was one of the rare nights where I had quickly gotten comfortable and easily fallen asleep.  Hours past as I soundly slept in our cool bedroom with a fan blowing on me.  --I've been inexplicably hot the past several nights to the point its annoying.  But last night none of it mattered and I slept.  

Until about 4am.

That's when, from a sound sleep, my little peanut kicked me hard enough in the side to wake me up.  

*This isn't my belly (a famous internet image though)... 
but I can see it move and bulge when the baby kicks and turn. 

I sat up in bed.  Sleepy, half conscious, and smiled. 

It was the first night my baby woke me up. The first of many many more to come.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep smiling at 4am in the months to come. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks Blogger - Not Really


Blogger has caused some issues for both me and you!  Not only did it erase my latest post that I wrote for today it also erased about half the comments left for my pay it forward give away.  So... if you left a comment yesterday it might not be there anymore!  Ack!

Please check out the Pay it Forward post to see if your comment is there if you entered it earlier.  If not, then please enter it now!  I will choose a winner tomorrow morning now, rather than this evening. 

In the mean time... I'm off to enjoy this SPECTACULAR weather with my husband.  We are off together all day at the same time for once! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pay it Forward from Me to You

This is another example of how awesome the blogging community is and how appreciative I am of being a part of it!  

A while ago the blogging friend of mine, MarieElizabeth, did a post about paying it forward.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with the concept of paying it forward; whereas one good did done to someone is not returned to the giver, but rather given to another person who therein does the same.  

That's my definition anyway, and I am overly impressed I used the words 'whereas' and 'therein' in a sentence.  

So back to paying it forward....  MarieElizabeth's act of paying it forward was to make some amazingly beautiful cards.  When I say amazingly beautiful I mean it.  They are so intricate and I can't even begin to think of sentiments wonderful enough to fill them with.  I want to make them myself, but haven't the slightest idea how to begin to construct something like this. 

They have ribbons, flowers, and cute little messages.  I'm in love.  I want more.  She better have an ETSY store. see what I did there with that rhyming at the end?


Onto the importantness:

With her gracious gift I am also going to pay it forward.  While I actually do pay it forward on a regular basis (example: my photo assignment prizes are completely paid for by myself just for fun) I figured I would offer up something a little extra to one of you.... A print of one of my most favorite photos I've ever taken.

"The Old Red Dodge"

One person who comments below will be randomly selected to receive an 8x10 print of this photo, because it is one of my favorites and I'd love to share my favorite things with you. The only catch is that I ask you share in paying it forward by doing something creative for someone else!  In other words... you must pay it forward!

If you're interested then leave a comment below!  And just for fun, I'd love to know what you would do to pay it forward.  I'll randomly pick one commenter to receive the photo on Friday afternoon/evening.  Until then, be kind to one another and revel in your talents that you can share :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its Just Too Beautiful

I am suppose to spend this entire week, starting today, crammed in a gymnasium with dozens of other new graduations pouring over nursing material as a review for the NCLEX.  Its not mandatory, but its essentially a free week long review offered by the school on their main campus, forty miles away from my home.  Nothing sounds better than a free review for the NCLEX... that is until I saw the weather forecast for this week.  



Gorgeous. this morning view of the Conneticut River Valley. 

Lord help me.

I don't know if I can sit still in a class room, let alone absorb anything knowing how incredibly gorgeous it is outside.  Shawn is off four of the five days I am suppose to go to this class, too.  Oh my.  There are more temptations to forgo the class than I ever anticipated!   This is the last situation I'd desire the first week after school ends where I am itching to embrace my freedom from classes and clinicals. 

Either way I need strength.  Strength to be a good, dutiful student and attend a week full of class amidst sunshine, or the strength to do a heck of a lot of studying on my own.  Oh my...  

Monday, May 9, 2011

The LAST Thing to Make the Move

Being that we moved in December, just as the snow began to pile on the ground and winter a long Vermont winter settled in there was one particular thing that couldn't make the long drive down to our new home.

The Mustang.

It spent the winter safely tucked away in Shawn's parent's garage up in Island Pond.  Safe from the detrimental salt and snow that would eat away at its pretty paint job we just paid to have touched up.  Safe from hazardous driving since it doesn't have power steering or anti-lock brakes.  

Finally, the snow has abated and the salt has been washed off the roads so we returned north to our old home town (that filled me with home-sickness to see) and retrieved the very last thing of our old life up North.  

True to Northern Vermont the sunny skies that graced us at our new home disappeared the further north we drove.  Soon there were spotty rain showers and cold winds coming off the mountain tops that were still spotted with snow on the northern facing slopes.  Snow!  Imagine that, I thought, thinking of how we had mowed our lawn for the first time last week and leaves were unfurling on the trees in our yard.  

Our stay in the still unthawing and yet-to-green-up North wasn't long.  We had a long drive back to our new home and wanted to make the drive back before the sky darkened.  It seems we can never stay long enough now that we've left Island Pond.

So I followed my husband who carefully and happily drove his beloved car down the roads we used to travel everyday.  Down the mountain sides and then following the long and trusty Connecticut River to our home.  Two hours later, after forgoing the interstate for an easier ride for the Mustang, we pulled into our driveway.  The last piece of our old home finally at our new.

Its bitter sweet, I thought, as I pulled out old maple leaves that had gotten stuck in the Mustangs grill last fall sitting at our old cabin.  Boy, how things have changed, but the world and wheels keep on turning no matter where you are. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothering: A New Understanding.

While technically I do not have a child in my arms there is one in my belly growing ever bigger by the day.  My home is still empty, but my heart is full of hopes and excitement.  This is my first Mothers Day.  Well, technically.

My first Mother's Day gift... from my Mother in Law

Technically, I've already begun mothering my little peanut (I guess peanut might be sticking after all!).  I've begun planning, talking to her, and smiling over her feats - even if they are just the intermittent little kicks I feel that signal her strength and growth.  A different feeling is beginning to wash over me, a mothering feeling.  Its a verb I've never truly enacted before and I never gave much thought to besides the obvious connotations to my own mother. 

My mom and I a couple summers ago visiting VT, well before I was pregnant.

And with all these thoughts of mothering, becoming a mom, and now Mother's Day, I've become so much closer to my own mother.  She's become my giver-of-advice, who I share my exciting news with first, and who I vent my frustrations of life and pregnancy alike with more often than ever.  There's something about motherhood that just brings women closer.  Its a different bond that I've never understood until now.  

I'm proud to be a mom, a daughter, and grand daughter and look forward to the day where my own daughter can share these same feelings.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Little Conversation

Just a little text conversation between my husband and I while he is doing an overtime night shift at the fire station.  (his third night shift in a row...poor guy).

It's always important to inject a little bit of humor into your relationship.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Best Thing to do on a Rainy Day

The rain had been falling all day.  Puddling on our paved driveway and drenching the flowers that had just began to bloom.  The weight of the water was causing them to tip over and bow like humbled parishioners on a Sunday.  April Showers have continued into May...

Shawn and I decided that we had done enough cleaning throughout the house.  As the late afternoon waned and the rain still had not let up we decided to spurn our chores that were mostly done and hit the back roads. Nothing like a little mud and open land to feed our craving for countryside and scenery.

Even though the weather was gloomy everywhere was bright and blooming.  The grass was the brightest and most perfect green I've ever seen.  Crayola would be envious of such a color.  This time of year is my second favorite next to fall; when the leaves bud and blossom.  Pastel greens and hues of pink fill the forests.  There is just something about the freshness of the colors that makes me swoon over the landscape even more than normal. 

See what I mean?  
Even the rainiest days can turn out to be the most beautiful and breath taking.  
Don't spend them all indoors!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I am Not Going to Graduation

My graduation is this weekend. and where will I be?  Doing a 24 hour shift at one of the ambulance services I work for.  Actually... that 24 hour shift is followed by another 24 hour shift at another service meaning 48 hours in a row of work.  Oopsies on my scheduling part.  

But anyway.

I have finished school.  


Nursing school has officially ended.  All the exams are over, clinical experiences had, and all those nights spent studying are long over (well except studying for the NCLEX).  Just like that.  Its quite amazing, but despite all that I am not going to celebrate the end of a degree program in a typical manner.  I am not going to don a cap and gown, sit through a seemingly endless procession, and listen to speeches about my future and achievements.  

I've been there before.

Three times, including last year. 


College (B.S. Degree)

LPN graduation

And now I have had my fill of pomp and circumstance surrounding my degree.  Last years graduation was amazing.  My parents flew up from Maryland for the occasion with my grandmother.  When we were pinned as LPNs it was my grandmother who put the pin on me and proudly hugged me.  This year is different.

If I were to go I'd be there alone and what fun is a celebration alone while I watch my classmates cavort with their family and significant others?  My husband is working and with an impending baby I don't want my parents to have to make multiple trips all the way to Vermont that aren't necessary.  Traveling is expensive and I want them to save their trips for the baby.  She's a million times more important. 

Also, unlike last year where graduation was simply those in the nursing program this graduation is EVERYONE at Vermont Technical college and a unlimited amount of family members.  If you know me you already know I am not a crowd person.  Crowds make me impatient.  Waiting in endless lines make me impatient.  Being unable to see because I am amongst a thousand students, each with a half dozen guests, makes me impatient.

Basically I'd just be impatient and cranky.

No one wants that.  Including me.

Instead I am working like I always do, like it is any other weekend and when Shawn and I have the chance we will celebrate it our own way with a nice dinner out.  I also get to celebrate by starting the new nursing job I mentioned to you the other day.   

So, that is why I am not going to graduation in a nut shell.

If I further my education and obtain my Masters, which I actually plan on once I pay down my current student loans, I will certainly attend that graduation.  For now, I just want last year to be how I remember my nursing accomplishments. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Wonderful Suprise!

After several years of blogging and visiting others blogs I've met some great people.  While none of us have actually met in person we know a good deal about one another and these friends are just as lovely and wonderful people as any of my others that I see on a regular basis. 

This is an example why.

My friend Tammy, aka TLee, thought of me the other day with a wonderful surprise in the mail.  The only question she asked me was "are you going to be breast feeding?"  and with my answer she packaged up something and shipped it from one end of the east coast to another.  I had no idea what to expect!

A couple days later a tiny package arrived and I eagerly tore into it to find an item I had discovered in my long hours of internet browsing on baby-related items.  After listening to a friend of mine tell me how earlier that day she had to try and feed her baby in a car in a crowded parking lot and shield herself from passerbys I decided I needed to find something to avoid such a situation should it arise with my babe.  Tammy had already thought of that for me!

Its a nursing cover!  She sent a wonderful letter saying how she had an extra, brand new one for a girl and had been holding onto it until she knew of someone having a baby girl.  I happened to be that someone.  

I am thrilled to have this and thrilled she thought of me!  After all, I don't really have a single stitch of anything baby related so such a gift is greatly appreciated.  Not to mention all my close friends have boys so there is not a pink or frilly thing to pass down.  I will have the only lady amongst a half a dozen friends who have birthed or will birth a baby this year! 

Her gesture also made me think that maybe others have something baby related not needed or would like to gift.  If so you can send me anything via mail:
PO Box 468
Wilder VT 05088

I'm not requesting charity, but rather just saying if the thought crossed your mind and you didn't know how or where to send it or my opinions of receiving mail now you know!  Heck, even if you don't send anything or want to send a letter, a card, or something completely random and funny I'd love that.  Getting mail is fun!  And I'll post it on here if you'd like. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Real Nursing Job

The last few days I have been babbling about my new nursing job, but not revealing much more about it.  I suppose its time to spill the beans since all the paper work is in order I a start date is set a couple weeks from now. 

While this new job is not my ideal, critical care, hospital oriented, flight nurse job it is a job.  After applying to over eight positions at various hospitals and hearing back from nearly all of them that I didn't have enough experience (the few that didn't say that I didn't hear from at all) I decided to change the type of job I was looking for.  The stress of a growing belly didn't help either.  While I know its illegal to discriminate against a woman for being pregnant I am no idiot and knew that waltzing into a job for an interview seven or eight months pregnant wouldn't get me hired no matter how qualified I was.  So, while my belly was still medium-sized and not absolutely daunting to potential employers or my orientation time I stopped being so picky about where I worked.  

I then did what I told myself and many others I wouldn't do when I began nursing school two years ago.

I applied at a nursing home.

Two days later I was hired as a day shift charge nurse.

Regular daytime hours.  Nursing pay.  Just a mile from my house.  Add in the fact that it is not easy for a brand new nurse to jump into a career.

I'll take it..  Yep, and so I did. 

So in these next few weeks I will go from nursing student to charge nurse.  What a leap.  Holy cow am I nervous and excited.  I'm also going to approach this new job with an open mind.  Honestly I've always loved the elderly.  Their stories, history, and humor always make me smile.  I hope to form the type of bonds I hear other nurses talk of where they actually miss their patients when they aren't at work.  Plus, with an impending babe on the way all I can think of is making sure I have a solid job, no matter what it is.  A solid job with good hours conducive to daycare.  Its amazing how your brain starts thinking differently.  Not to mention with gas at $4 a gallon the extremely short, actually walkable, drive is ultra appealing.  

There is an upside to everything.