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Monday, February 28, 2011

Nonsensical Train of Thought

Three days ago it snowed a foot

We have now given up on shoveling our deck.

Today is pouring rain and sleet and freezing rain.  Yuck.

I'm glad I'm warm inside.

Wait, I'm not warm.... we are trying to save money and keep the thermostat low since oil prices are so ridiculous.

Seriously, almost three and a half dollars for a gallon of gas? 

I am beyond thrilled I am now doing 24 hour shifts and drive to work once instead of three times a week for eight hour shifts.  

Going back to the ambulance has been the best career decision I've made since I took an EMT course to begin with.

Last week I got to do CPR and try to save a life.  

It was all in vain, but the effort was valient and we did our best, in front of an audience of dozens of bystanders in a parking lot no less.

Yes, pregnant women can do CPR.  Quality CPR at that.

And I am getting close to not being able to fit into my EMS pants.

I cannot find maternity pants for EMTs anywhereThis might be a problem since I am not a seamstress.

Rachel Ray just described cream cheese falling into the holes in waffles as an 'exciting experience' and I totally believe her.

Now I really want a waffle and cream cheese

I think all my posts now end up talking about food.

Sorry about that.  I just can't help it.  

My first ultra sound is EIGHT days away. 

My birthday is twelve days away and I don't care. 

I just want to see the baby for the first time. 

Don't worry, I'll take one million and seventy four photos to share with you!

Speaking of which, I haven't taken many photos lately.  

That makes me sad.

But this sweetly blurred scene out my front window doesn't! 

C'est la vie
Happy Monday

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Great Example...

What you do not say to someone when you find out she is pregnant

For some people its a fun mystery... but for me, personally, I don't like the suspense. 

A friend of mine showed me this.  This girl is another friend of a friend, unmarried/simgle, newly pregnant, and needs to update her facebook privacy settings so the world doesn't follow along on her Sherlock Holmes of a conundrum.  Social media never ceases to amaze me.

To see another Facebook Pregnancy Fopa I posted a while ago that will shock you view this post!

Friday, February 25, 2011

When I Realized I was a Hick

Growing up I was acutely aware that there were places much larger than my home town. Places where there weren't endless rows of cornfields, chickens, fourwheelers, and Friday night Bingo at the fire station. But I never cared and never thought my way of growing up was far different than any other kid.

Yeah I was naive...

Heck, I'm still naive. But that's beside the point.

I never realized just how backwoods and backroads I really was until I began bussing tables at an affluent touristy restaurant when I was a teenager.  That's when it was made clear to me that I was 'different' than most people.

The restaurant I worked at was the type of establishment where you made reservations.  Boys took girls there for a fancy and expensive dinner before prom.  My boss would yell at me if the knives faced the wrong way or the forks weren't in the correct ascending order next to the plate.  It wasn't the type of place you went to for a drink and some appetizers and I made quite a bit of money working there.  

People loved my little girl charm.  I was just barely fourteen.  I don't even know if places hire fourteen year olds anymore, but ten years ago you could work when you were just out of middle school so you could save up and buy a super sexy Pontiac Sunbird Convertible that leaks. 

I drove that car for six years.

And then sold it for $800.

I also swear I saw it just a couple months ago.  


The customers that came into the restaurant were, more often than not, of the upper crust of society.  They wore cardigans in fancy knotted ways on their shoulders, drank seltzer water, and understood when and how to use an oyster fork.  I also discovered that these types of people had a quaint interest in little country girls, of which I was the perfect specimen, when one couple asked me a simple question...  

"What's your name?" said the well groomed woman wearing a shiny string of pearls and polo shirt. 

"Jee-ann" I replied with my southern accent that I never noticed a day in my life prior to this moment

"Jan?  What a pretty name." 

"No, it's Jee-ann" 

--blank stare--

"You know, Jee--ann"  I repeated my name slowly as if the woman was hard of hearing.  

--continued blank stare and awkwardness brewing--

"J.. E..ANN."  I spealled out to the obviously confused woman and her husband who was trying to stifle laugher. 

"Oh.. you mean JEN"  the woman pronounced my name without a southern drawl.  

That's when I realized that 'Oh my God, I sound like a hick'.  I turned nineteen shades of red and then left their table completely mortified as the husband and woman began chuckling amongst themselves at what had just transpired.  To them I was just a cute little country girl who pronounced her name with such a drawl that no one with a normal dialect could understand it.  I spent the rest of the day carefully practicing how I said my name under my breath as if I was communicating with unheard voices.

Not only was I a hick, but I was weird. 

It took years of being embedded in northern New England to shed my southern drawl and replace it with a thick "R"ed Vermont twang.  At least when I say my name now it sounds like "Jen".

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Study Buddy

Sometimes, even amidst mounds of school work and assignments, its quite pleasant to just lay on the couch, sprawled out, with my book in front of me.  Add a fluffy, cozy companion by my side and it almost makes the homework seem like a hobby.  Ok, well not really.  But at least Kidde keeps me company.  He really is a great study buddy.

Yes, my cat's name is Kidde, pronounced (kid-dee), such a creative twist on "Kitty", huh?

No really, we couldn't agree on a name for him for years.  I'm not kidding, years.  But when we chopped off his manhood because he was peeing on everything we had to name him for vet records. (great story, huh?) 

We had been calling him "kitty" for years, so we picked something close sounding and fire related all in one.  So what if he's named after a fire extinguisher company?  He's still the best study buddy I could ask for.

Ok... maybe not the best, but he's still my Kidde!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Tickets to the Gun Show

You can take the kids out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the kids and this proves it...

The other day Shawn and I went to a gun show together.  It was my first experience with so many fire arms, flannel, veterans, and beards in one place.  To my surprise it was actually a great time due to my intrigue in this fringe of society, the abundance of people watching, bizarre items, and a couple of fellow firefighter friends who showed up to explore the exhibit with us.

There were guns everywhere.  
Guns on tables, guns on shelves, guns in boxes, and guns in people's hands.

Need an assault rifle?  There were dozens to choose from. 

Hatchets, knives, and other various hand held weapons lined the tables.  I didn't even know what most of these were for.  The skinny fire-poker looking thing in the middle reminded me of an old whaling spear from the times of Moby Dick. 

Then there were interesting historical pieces, like this "accident box".  It was empty inside, but I still wanted it just to have.  It didn't have a price tag so I didn't inquire, because exhibit people can be quite pushy.  I was pressured to buy everything from beef jerky and coyote pelts to pistols and NRA memberships.

The best part were the unusual beliefs touted by the exhibitors and patrons.  I am neither grossly left or right winged and take great amusement in the extremes of both sides.  If you have been sheltered from the conservative extremist views you'll get a kick out of many of these stickers. 

There were also a few classy t-shirts for sale there, even for women.  Shawn joked that if I was having twins I should get the "This Pair Protected by Smith and Wesson" shirt.  It would be the funniest maternity shirt ever, according to him.  Then he added that if we were having twin boys that Smith and Wesson would be cute names.  Oh lord...

At least there is never a boring day spent between Shawn and I.  This proves it. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Package Prelude

I was too busy chatting on the phone with my mother to notice anything until the dogs began barking and carrying on.  They were acting as if someone was knocking on the door so I walked over and glanced outside, but didn't see anyone.  False alarm.  They may be guard dogs, but aren't the most accurate guard dogs, I thought to myself.  After hanging up the phone with my mother a couple minutes later the dogs still hadn't calmed down so I actually opened the door to see what could be bothering them so much.  Turns out they were pretty accurate guard dogs...

Someone had dropped off this nondescript box inside our breezeway and I had been completely unaware.  I laughed wondering if the person had even knocked on the door while I was blabbing away, obliviously, on the phone. 

So what's in the box?

Well, I can't say, exactly yet... 

 Its perfect for a pregnant woman with weird food cravings, a crazy schedule, and, obviously, is something that is now in my freezer.   Oh, and it does have something to do with you! You'll just have to wait a couple of weeks to hear more. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Not a Step Back

First of all...  I am not a nurse.  Well, I do have a Vermont nurses license, but I am no longer working as a nurse.  Don't be so shocked.  It really is a good thing and has been a long time coming.  After months of horrible hours, and numerous other reasons I'll choose not to list on the internet for all to read at this juncture, I quit my job.  Thanks to my husband I worked there about a month longer than I had any desire to.  To be honest, I downright hated the job...

Nights spent alone and awake made me feel physically horrible.  Sleeping during the day made me cranky and caused rifts between my husband and I.  Shifts on end without seeing patients made me feel as if my skills had begun to atrophy.  I sorely missed the world of EMS I had left behind and I sorely missed enjoying my job

Now, all that is changing.  Finally.

I am going back to the ambulance.

I have missed it and feel its where I belong.  After months and months of nursing school where we listen to nurses complain about their jobs, their shifts, their coworkers, their bosses (there's a heck of a lot of complaining in nursing), and having my own less than enjoyable nursing experience right out of the gate, I long for the days spent in the ambulance, meeting strangers, and making their days better (or just less worse).  But there's something even scarier...

I am beginning to wonder if I will even like being a nurse. 

No, I am seriously wondering if I will enjoy being a nurse at all.

Trust me, Shawn was not happy when I disclosed that with him.  He sees the dollar signs spent on me the last two years just to figure out 'I don't like doing it'.  I have the fear of what if I am just meant to be an EMT and practice prehospital medicine.  Is that so bad?  If it wasn't so underpaid and under appreciated maybe I wouldn't feel the need to stretch my professional legs for a better paying career. 

In the mean time I will continue my pursuits of my RN that will culminate in just a few short months, but I will be back in the big white box, bouncing down the road, doing the job I love.  So, that's good news for those of you who enjoy my emergency stories, because it looks like there will be a lot more in my future!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Might be Pregnant If...

When you go to the store your check out items look like this...

Of course you could also be a college student living on a budget.  I guess I count in both categories.  At least Spaghetti-O's and skittles are a cheap things to crave.  Lord help me if heartburn begins to rear its ugly head this pregnancy.  Oh, and the buns?  Those are sitting on the box of fish fillets that I had to have, because I just had to have a fish sandwich.  Yeah, I have no idea what got into me, but man were those fish sandwiches amazing...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Newest Addiction

How I have the time for trivial games, I am not sure, but this game has really fit into my busy life perfectly.  It fills in the brief periods of boredom perfectly.  The fact that its also slightly intellectual and requires me to strengthen my vocabulary doesn't hurt either.  

What the heck am I talking about?

Words with Friends!  

It a game you can play on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod (heard rumors it might be on the Android, too?).  One of my high school friends has been talking about it on face book and I finally decided to check out what he was raving about.  Trust me.  This app is worth the $1 price tag.

Basically its exactly like scrabble.  Games are usually slow paced and you can either play with your friends if you know their user name or let the app search out a random player for you.  If you want the game even allows you to be notified, like when you receive a text message, when its your turn.  Sometimes games take days, other times less than an hour.  You can even leave off a game anytime and come back to it later exactly where you left off with your opponent.  I wish there were more apps like this you can play with your friends!  

My user name is "jhnx" so feel free to invite me to a game!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I loved hearing all your lovely plans and wishes for Valentines Day.  Everything was mentioned from exotic trips to Paris to just a quiet night at home and a nice dinner and it all sounds equally alluring.  My plans?  Well, it began with snowmobiling on amazing freshly groomed trails, had some French Onion Soup and albino moose thrown in the middle, and will end with a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs and watching the Bachelor on the couch with Shawn.  That's what I call a good Valentines Day.  Actually, that's what I call a great day, regardless of what day it really is. 

So anyway...  

What you really came here for was to hear who the giveaway winner is, not what I've eaten today (unless you are fixated on food all the time like I am - which if you are then we are now best friends).  So, I randomly chose a winner from the 48 comments left (one was a duplicate) using and the lucky winner of the Pioneer Woman's new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is....

Commentor #2, SouthernSass.  Congratulations!  
Please email me at vtcabinfever(at)hotmail(dot)com with your mailing address so I can mail you the book. 

Thanks everyone who entered!  

Now I'm off to enjoy my big plate of spaghetti and meatballs....

A Vacation in Irony

I am officially on winter break.  Its hard to believe that already one third of my final semester in RN school is over!  We have a great schedule for our last semester, too.  Five weeks. Break.  Five weeks. Break.  Five weeks.  Graduate!   So to celebrate this wonderful week where I have no classroom or clinical obligation Shawn and I are spending much of our free time doing this...

If its not obvious what Shawn is doing in this photo, besides standing in the middle of the trail staring at a map while trying to figure out where he is, he's on the snowmobile trails with me! Neither of us would rather do anything else for vacation in winter.  Well, maybe I would also like to be on a warm, sandy beach and swimming in the turquoise water, but the only turquoise water around here is in the frozen brooks and warm just plain doesn't exist so I'll settle for bundled up in the Vermont wilderness on a heavy machine flying over the ice and snow. 

The ironic part about snowmobiling for us now is that we return and ride the trails where we used to live just a couple months ago.  It is the best place in the state to snowmobile and the ill-humor of our situation now is not lost to me.  Oh, how I miss just throwing on my snowpants, going out into my driveway, starting my sled, and heading down the trails on my merry way.  Now its an expensive all day affair.  

Trust me... I do constantly remind Shawn that we used to live where we now vacation. 

PS.  Giveaway winners will be posted later tonight when I have internet connection again! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ebb and Flow

I found this movie a while ago and it recently resurfaced.  Its amazing, touching, bold, and a little obscure.  Whatever it is the meaning behind it is deep and profound.  Just take a few minutes, sit back, watch it, and contemplate your own humanity.  Its good for the soul to do that sometimes.

And don't forget about my Valentines Giveaway!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Because

Because I haven't had a giveaway in forever

Because its almost Valentines day
Because I am grateful that each and every one of you read my blog.  No, I really am!  You guys make my day on a regular basis.

Because I am developing a belly that causes my pants to be tight already.

Because people that don't know I'm pregnant are questioning if I'm eating a few too many cookies (which I probably am anyway... )

Ok, the last two have nothing to do with this, but irregardless...
I am giving away a copy of the Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!  

I happened to buy a copy well in advance and have been waiting to host this giveaway for almost two weeks now.  Since PW seems to avoid Northern New England on her book signings (which I don't understand, because its beautiful up here! --you've seen my photos) the book isn't signed, but heck, if she is coming to a city near you then you at least could already have the book!

How to enter
  1.  Be a follower of my blog
  2.  Leave a comment below telling me what your ideal Valentines day or gift would be
That's it!   I will randomly select a winner from the comments below and post the winner on Valentines Day, this coming Monday, February 14.  Best of luck and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Two Pink Lines - Part II

 Before I even set foot out of my house towards the store I sat and thought about a way I could possibly convince Shawn to go buy the test for me.  I was nervous with embarassment and so desperately just wanted a second test to appear in my home so this whole awkward situation could be avoided.  Alas, there wasn't a single idea I could come up with that would conceivably work to get that man to venture into a store and purchase a pregnancy test.  I don't think there's any man that would do that. 

With only my excitement and anticipation propelling me towards the store I attempted to put my irrational fears behind me in order to purchase a pregnancy test.  It didn't work.  Whether it was the sheer excitement of the notion that I was pregnant or the nerves precipitating from having to buy such a product that screams to the world about your reproductive actions I was shaking like a second grader at a Christmas recital. 

Driving down the 'miracle mile' of Lebanon which consists of more stores than financially responsible in any moderately residential area I attempted to decide which store I should patron.  There were at least half a dozen, literally, to choose from that would carry the product.  Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, and umpteen larger supermarkets.  I just decided to go to the store where we always get groceries. At least there I had a general idea of where the tests might be and wouldn't have to wander the store in fear of someone asking me if I needed help finding something.

Into the grocery store I went.  I picked up a little basket and began to browse the produce section like I was there to merely get fruits and vegetables and maybe a gallon of milk.  Milk?  Did I need milk at home?  Did I need anything at home that I could purchase today to distract from my obvious reason to patron the establishment?  Nope.  Unfortunately I had gone to the grocery store and bought two weeks worth of groceries just two days before.  Darn-it.

Determined to figure out something to purchase I crammed a bag of cran-rasins into my basket and rounded the corner to the next aisle that contained health products and - gasp - pregnancy tests.  However, since I had never before bought a pregnancy test I did not know exactly where in the health section of the grocery store they lurked.  I combed the aisle that was divided by a set of shorter shelves until I eyed the sex-related items and among them were the pregnancy tests. 

The pink and white boxes were perched so perfectly on the shelf which was uncomfortably close to the pharmacy window.  By uncomfortably close I mean right next to the pharmacy window.  And right next to the tests on the other side were all the condoms and KY-Jelly any teenage boy would want for a lifetime. 

At this point my face was glowing red hot.

There were no less than five old men and women standing in line for the pharmacy.  Having nothing else to do except stare at the twenty-something, flustered woman, who was tiptoeing amongst the sex-related items their old eyes followed my every move.  I could see them in my periphery and it was freaking me out even more. 

I tried to look at the pregnancy tests and decipher which one I should buy.  It was clear they weren't all the same.  Some were fertility tests, ovulation tests, before your period tests, generic tests.  Why were there so many tests?!  I pretended to eye some vitamins 4 feet away from the sex related items while simultaneously attempting to read the labels in the corner of my vision.  

Mortified, I actually left the aisle before picking a test.  All those staring eyes had gotten the better of me and I figured if I made a round through the store browsing things I didn't need to buy that they would all be gone by the time I came back.  

Ten minutes later with a basket filled with cran-raisins, a dog toy, a birthday card, and chocolate milk I returned to the health aisle and the sex-related goods.  The staring eyes that were there earlier had left, but were replaced with another half dozen inquisitive old busy-bodies with nothing better to do or watch than myself.  Sighing and holding my breath as if I were about to dive into the deep end of a cold pool I walked straight up to the pregnancy tests, grabbed one without even looking, and shoved it into the basket underneath the dog toy and birthday card.  There.  I had a test.

But I had to pay for it.

Darn the grocery store for not possessing self check-outs! I cursed under my breath as I scanned the available clerks running registers.  Teenage boy. Good looking college aged boy. Girl who looked fourteen. Woman who looked old enough to be a grandmother.  Bingo.  That's the line I strategically chose.  I reckoned she had to been in my shoes before or else had been in this world too long to care about some stranger buying a pregnancy test. 

So I carefully unloaded my few items from the basic onto the conveyor belt for all to see.  I unnecessarily excessively fiddled with the placement of my five items to the point that the old women skeptically eyed me.   Oops.  I was drawing too much attention to myself like a nervous idiot.  

In about three seconds all my items were swiped and mercifully in a plastic bag (yes, I didn't use paper. Don't judge me).   I headed home smiling and singing to the radio.  The hard part was over.

When Shawn came home from work later that evening I excitedly held up the unopened box of pregnancy tests.  He gestured for me to go do my thing and come back with the results.  "I don't need to see the stick you peed on, just tell me what it says." 

Less than 30 seconds later the test was already positive with two bright pink lines.  "I didn't even have to wait to full two minutes!" I exclaimed as I told him the results, sans pee stick of course.  "Well, I guess you really are."  he said and gave me a sideways hug.  

"Yup, I really am."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Two Pink Lines

Every woman remembers the day they find out they aren't just one person, but rather one plus one. Whether it was anticipated or you woke up one morning with that gut wrenching sickness that slapped you with unexpected reality its still a shock that is indescribable. Here's how I had a taste of such reality, at least part of it.  The second part will follow later. 

I hadn't been sick. In fact, thinking back, I really was only a little tired, but being one who works ridiculous 11-7 shifts and has no true circadian rhythm I attributed it to that. Then, knowing full well it was a possibility, I thought "What if.... what if I am... pregnant?".  I didn't feel any glow, or divine revelation so there was only one thing to do.  Take a test.

The next day I readied myself to take the test.  I had obtained one a while back and had it hidden away "just in case".  No one was home and I kind of preferred it that way.  Just like the movie Juno I began fervently drinking water just to ensure I could properly execute the test.  Then I began to irrationally worry that I would drink too much water and dilute my pee and have a false negative.  Was that even possible?  Get to it already, I told myself.

So, I patiently followed the directions for the test to a T.  When you're going through the steps to pee on a stick its really is absurd to stop and think about the whole process.  Then I sat and waited...  

One pink line appeared. The control line.  I waited what seemed like five minutes, but was probably more accurately three seconds, and felt a faint fall in my chest.  Oh its negative, I thought and was about to toss it in the trash.  Suddenly a faintness of pink appeared next to the control line.  I brought the test about two inches from my face.  It was there.  Another solid pink line was forming.


I was pregnant.

Holy cow.  Now what?!  I had no plan for what would happen if and when I ever had a positive test.  Shawn was at work so I thought, well I will wait until he comes home and surprise him with the news!  That idea last about four seconds.  I couldn't contain such news the entire afternoon so I picked up the phone and called him, hoping he would answer (he doesn't always when he's working).

Shawn picked up and asked "is everything ok?" since I normally don't call him in the middle of the day.  "I have something exciting to tell you!" I said and then blurted out the news before he could even speculate what I was talking about.  

"Oh really?"  he asked and paused.  "That's nice."  and then paused again.  "Are you sure? Did you take a test?"  His voice did not mirror the jumping-up-and-down-excitement that mine had, but then again my husband is probably the least excited person ever (unless he shoots big game or catches a record fish).  I assured him I had taken a test and there were two pink lines.  "Ok, well you should take a second one just to be sure." 

But that means going to the store by myself with nothing else to purchase, except a pregnancy test.  Oh my.  I wasn't sure my nerves could bear something like that.  I hate even buying tampons. 

"Okay..." I agreed, thinking a second test would affirm my doubts that maybe it was a fluke or I didn't follow the directions correctly or the ninety other reasons the test could be wrong.  

And so I was off to the store for test number two.....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Obviously Obvious

This year the state of Vermont decided to employ those giant signs that sit on the side of the road.  The signs are the big kind that do a great job warning you of construction or flashing those big yellow arrows letting you know the lane you are in is about to end (ie: why didn't you see the merge sign a mile back, change lanes now before you hit the orange cones).  The signs, however, do not do a great job of warning you when the roads are icy.  Why?  Because its winter and its Vermont.  There are some things in life you just have to expect.  Ice and snow are one of them.

Thank you captain obvious.  I was wondering what all that white stuff was...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hallelujah for Flinstones Vitamins

For weeks I suffered.  Foods turned my stomach.  Smells made me cringe and my guts roll.  I began to become unsure of whether the discomfort I were from being hungry or nauseous.  In defeat I bought a box of saltines, which I devoured in three days.  three days.  I hate saltines.  I hated saltines before I bought a whole box, but they were the only thing I could stand to digest as if everyday was the morning after a binge drinking escapade.  It never occurred to me that all that could be caused by my prenatal vitamins.  

Despite taking them long before getting pregnant (this nursing student has been well versed in prenatal expectations) I was never sick until a solid few weeks into the pregnancy.  So, to settle whether it was just a wretched symptom related to growing a baby that I'd have to contend with or a symptom of medication that I could possibly remedy I did what any responsible pregnant woman should do.... consulted my doctor. 

She gleefully said what I was experiencing was common and offered a simple solution.

Flintstones vitamins!

Could it be?  The childhood vitamins I took everyday growing up were acceptable for pregnancy?  Why yes.  I immediately sent Shawn to the store to retrieve a bottle (he's in training to fetch weird things I demand) and have happily been taking them everyday.

The results?  In Shawn's words "you don't look as crappy as you did last week."  and in my words I feel 90% better.  Not all the nausea is gone, but I have rediscovered what being hungry is like and have not eaten any more saltines since. 

Now if I could only find a solution for the tiredness.  I'm no fun now that I want to go to bed at 7pm...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Homemade Awards are the Best

It's true.  Something handmade, made from the heart with a person's own imagination and time put into it, is worth its weight in gold.  So are friends, even if they are thousands of miles away and you've never met them in real life.  That's the amazing thing about the internet.  So when HydrantGirl decided to dole out some truly awesome MSPaint awards I was humbled to be in the line-up.

This is the award she gave me, which makes me laugh and smile.  And its definitely true. I highly do not recommend trying to outdo me for this award.  You'll lose your sanity. 

So, obviously, I have to return the favor because HydrantGirl is seriously one of the most no-nonsense, hilarious, llama-drama having girls I know.  She kicks butt and takes names on a regular basis, hence my award above.  (and yes that's a llama on on hill in the background).  

Speaking of HydrantGirl, she is one of five finalists chosen to receive a 2011 Bloggie for Best Canadian Blog!  Because she is one of my best blogging friends I am really hoping that you'll head over to the Bloggies website and vote for her.  After all, that's what friendship is all about. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Makes Me Smile

As you all know I have a lot to smile about lately.  Reading all your wonderful comments and congratulations on my previous post just adds to the list.  I just wanted to make sure you  know that.  

And I'll leave you with a photo I stumbled across not long ago that I adore. It makes me swoon and my heart fill to the brim with smiles and sunshine.  I'm also determined to reproduce this photo with Shawn later this year.  He's already been informed.  

Now go forth and smile.  How could you not have such an image?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big News!

Some of you have been wondering, guessing, or might already know what I've been hinting about the last few weeks!  Yes its pretty big news and to be honest I am beyond excited, especially as the days and weeks go on.  It has a lot to do with why I've been so exhausted and needed a break.  

Are you ready for it?

I'm not sure I'm ready for it.


I do have quite a few months to prepare for the end result.


I'm pregnant!  

Yeah, I have no shame and take photos of my belly in front of our window.

Its been a hard secret to keep for the past month!  Having never been pregnant I have no idea what I am doing.  Well, I have some sort of clue since I've seen several deliveries in nursing school and am going to be an RN in a few months, but I personally have no idea what to expect except a whole new being will show up on this Earth in September.  I cannot begin to comprehend that yet... its just so surreal. 

There is a human being being created inside me.  This very second.

That's crazy. 

No,  really... that's just. plain. crazy.

In the last several weeks since I took a test, saw two little pink lines, and then began feeling nausea like I'm on a perpetual merry-go-round at full speed I've both learned and been confused more than I imagined.  Some of it is pretty funny...  and I can't wait to walk down this blind path the next several months and share my adventure into motherhood (omg...)  with all of you!

I hope you're ready.  Lord help us all.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today... and then Tomorrow.

The winners for last month's photo assignment have been announced AND a new photo assignment for February has been posted! I think its a great assignment for such a cold and dreary month, especially up here where winter is more than just dragging on, but rather beating us senseless.

Oh how I long for the warm breezes and bright colors of fall right now.

So today, check out the new photo assignment as I prepared to get snowed in! Tomorrow I will be back to regular posting and hope to have something awesome to share. Until then, stay warm, dry, and be safe if you're in the middle of this winter nonsense like I will soon be!

Oh, and I realized that I haven't had a giveaway in a long time, but that will be changing soon, too.  See... there is a lot of excitement going on!