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Monday, December 5, 2011

Three Whole Months

They say that time flies, but in all honestly I feel like the last three months have lasted close to forever. I am amazed how miss Emily has transformed from a lump of newborn cuddliness into a chunky little squealing infant. She is holding her head up, turning towards sounds, and grasping at objects put in front of her. However, when it comes to sleep that is a subject where we've seem to have regressed.

Just a couple of weeks ago she began to bless us with a solid five or six hour stretch of sleep every single night beginning at 8pm.  We were getting up once, maybe twice a night to change and feed her.  Then, just as suddenly as that six hour gift appeared, it was gone.  For the last two weeks Emily has decided to revert to a much more newborn-like sleeping schedule where she wakes every two to three hours.  Its playing hell on my energy levels and patience.  When she slept so erratically before I wasn't working, but now I am working five days a week so such a lack of sleep is quite a problem.  None-the-less I hold faith to the statement that "This to shall pass" and take heart that I won't be able to snuggle her late at night forever, no matter how tired I may be. 

On the other hand we have made a breakthrough with Tummy Time.  With stronger neck muscles she is enjoying it slightly more.  I had to laugh and video tape her the other day when she was acting quite funny while on her stomach.  While, I am not quite sure what she is doing it looks like she was enjoying it. 

Bad mom that I am, thanks to lack of sleep and a crazy work schedule, I haven't taken "professional" looking photos of her in a month.  Hopefully I will have time and energy to soon.  The list of things I need to do, but don't have time to do is quite huge.  I'm not going to lie, it also stresses me out a little bit, too.  It includes her birth announcements that I have yet to mail and our Christmas cards which I hope to get out before Christmas.  I admire those other mom-bloggers who manage to keep up with their blog on an almost daily basis, because I sure as heck can't!  

Three months into motherhood and its still an uphill path.  Phew...  I am exhausted.  At least Emily is hard to resist!  Ha...


ladylisabear69 said...

Emily is adorable. As for the sleep schedule, I would guess that she is about to have a growth spurt. Those wreak havoc on sleep and eating patterns for a couple of years. A little patience and she'll be back to longer stretches. You are doing just fine, Mommy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vermonters! (LOL) Your blog is very encouraging. Do try and cut yourself some do a lot! and a new mommy too. Just love your pictures and your humor. Thank you.


Glyndalyn said...

Emily looks great. Yes, this, too, shall pass. Enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker, not a blogger, but have enjoyed seeing your journey into Motherhood. I am the mother of 5 grown and married, and grandmother of 10. One of my daughters swears by the the book "The Baby Whisperer" - especially the chaper on getting baby into a sleep routine. She has used it for her 3 little ones and finds it amazing.BTW Emily is a beautiful baby!!

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