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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweets from the Week

We are back safe and sound in the great state of Vermont! This past week was full of a TON of sweets.  Too many to share in this single post so consider this a highlight of several posts to come, because I simply can't just blurb about everything with a sentence or two. 

1.  I successfully drove from Vermont to Maryland and back again with a tiny infant in near record time!  There was very little traffic and Emily and I stopped every couple of hours to have a snack and some leg stretching time outside of her car seat.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge

2. I discovered Target.  It is a darned good thing that we don't have one of those stores anywhere near me, because I would spend all our money there. 

3.  Emily met all her great grandparents and her great great grandmother!  All the visiting was amazing and I have several photos that I know I will cherish forever, and I am sure Emily will, too. They will definitely be something to pass down. 

Emily and her Great-Great Grandmother

4.  I got to see the sunset over the Chesapeake. 

Amazing...  this is the view from my grandmother's field.

5.  Had an amazing home cooked meal that my mother prepared for our entire family on Thanksgiving... complete with pretzel salad for desert (and pumpkin pie of course).

Mmmm....  and yes I am weird and partition my food so it doesn't touch

6. Spent an evening catching up with old friends that I haven't see in ages at a couple of local hangouts.  It was much needed and fun adult time!  I even had the chance to indulge in an adult drink or two, too. 

The "three Amigas" as we've called ourselves since high school. 

7.  Discovered that Emily does indeed have a schedule over the week I spent with her.  She loves to take a quick nap after being awake for two hours.  Its like clockwork.  Every two hours she conks out. 

8.  Went to one of the most bizarre art galleries/antique store ever.  It was full of welded metal artwork that was as creative as it was crazy. 

There were two of those large Shrek sculptures there, actually...

9.  I got my hair cut!  Its nothing special, but I at least had everything trimmed up and leveled off to just below my shoulder.  Boy, was my hair getting out of control...

And here is a photo of an amazing sunrise that I was able to see on my way back North.  Without fail every single morning I leave there is always a beautiful sunrise... as if Maryland is telling me not to leave. 

It looks surprisingly like the sunset, doesn't it?


Hydrant girl said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. And yaaa for catching up with friends and family.

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