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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Month - A New Photography Contest

So, some of you have been around this blog forever and some of you are new.  I don't know if all of you have ever noticed the "Photography Contests" Tab at the top of my blog, but its there and I am still holding photography contests every single month!  Its going on what... almost three years now?  Holy cow.  I still love doing it as much as I did when I started and I am still dreaming up different topics every month.  

Since today is the 1st that means a brand new contest has started!  I upped the prizes from last month (since I am back working full time) and have also made this contest a two month assignment!  The current topic is "Phone Photography" so its something that I know almost everyone can participate in.  Don't feel like you have to be a real photographer to have your photo selected or even win.  The winners are chosen not just based on the look of the photo, but also how the photo fits the topic, its uniqueness, and a ton of other factors.  You can also have more than one photo selected in a contest, thus increasing your odds of winning.  To see how to enter just check out the contest page and have fun with photography!  I hope to see your photos in the contest pool on FlickR!!

If anyone is having issues leaving me comments please let me know!  I have heard from a couple of people that they have been having issues so if you are, too, then please email me.  It would be greatly appreciated!  vtcabinfever(at)hotmail(dot)com


AmyBean said...

I noticed all through October that I couldn't leave comments on the contest page, but I thought maybe you'd disabled them there for some reason. I've had no trouble leaving them on the main blog though.

T Lee said...

what amy bean said for me , too!!

Dianne said...

I had to laugh a bit when I saw this post because I was thinking "concrete" and "literal". We have a wonderful antique wall telephone that dates back to 1904, and my first thought was "oh, good - I'll photograph that"! LOL! Of course, I hadn't had my first cup of coffee yet...

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