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Monday, November 21, 2011

Where The Heart Is

I made it. Or rather I should say we made it, Emily and I. It was an arduous eight hour drive with no less than three stops for quality bottle time and diaper changes (yes that's more stops than I made when I was 30+ weeks pregnant this summer!). Overall, though, it wasn't that bad of a drive even if it is utterly exhausting.

I'm here for almost a whole week, my longest stint visiting since my freshman year in college. The real world with my crazy work schedule, where I work most every holiday, hasn't afforded me very long visits. My mom is beyond excited. Thanksgiving is her most favorite family holiday since she can show off her cooking skills and there are no long hours spent wrapping gifts. I'm excited for the green bean casserole and creasing rolls. Oh, and the Ravens play Thursday night football on thanksgiving. It's doesn't get much better than that.

It's great to be at my parent's house, though. There's no pressure to clean the house or do chores. I can wander all through their fields and woods just like I did when I was a kid. And then I can come inside and flop on the couch without a worry in the world. It's like heaven.

Actually, it's just home. Even if I don't like here anymore and my actual house is in Vermont the Eastern Shore of Maryland will always be my home.

7 comments: said...

welcome to where your heart will always have a place
peace n abundance,

The Sweetest Days said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip, Jen. Sorry it was so long but at least you're finally there. Let your family take care of you every moment you can!!! Emily too ; )

Glyndalyn said...

Have a great time and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

So glad you and Em made it safe with no hazzards during your journey. I still enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing your life with us...Enjoy the Holiday and your family..Peace be with you and yours..Todd from Detroit

kittyhere said...

That photo of your parent's porch is the classic American dream house.

Enjoy the time away. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Naked Mother said...

Traveling with an infant is always an adventure- usually one that takes a little longer than planned!

Your photography is beautuful, as is your family! said...

Love the title Jen! One of my all time favorite books/movies! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family! ~Amanda

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