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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hand Eye Coordination For The Win

Emily is grabby grabby grabby lately!  All of a sudden her spastic movements are becoming more and more organized.  Her hands are finding a purpose, and usually that purpose is to try and put something in her mouth.  Gosh, it seems too early for her to be doing that!  But, alas, she is clearly learning and growing. 

The other day I spent a good chunk of the morning playing with her.  To my amazement she began reaching out and grabbing at her toys!  Like any proud momma swooning over a seemingly insignificant task I naturally took out my camera and filmed it. 

Gah!  I can't get over her adorableness and how she is growing and learning.  Soon enough she'll be playing with a ton more toys and talking up a storm.  I am definitely excited for each milestone. 


msam said...

Excited for the Aunt Megan ensemble making an appearance!

Glyndalyn said...

Yes, she is developing a personality.

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