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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fitting It All In

It's been months since I've set foot in an ambulance, done a 911 call, or donned my EMS uniform. I'm not going to lie... I sorely miss it. However, in the last few months my life has significantly changed. Not only am I working a job with "bankers hours", but I am also now balancing a baby and my husbands own ridiculous schedule. This is causing serious issues in my ability to hop back on the ambulance post-partum.

I've taken a 'leave of absence' from the couple of services I am a member of, but that leave is running out. Now that I'm working full time and Emily is beyond the newborn stage I don't really have an excuse for not picking back up where I left off. Somehow I have to fit it all in if I want to keep my EMT licensure.

And let me tell you... I refuse to allow my EMT license to expire.

But really the question is just how the heck I fit everything in. I don't have an answer to that since I work every weekday, leaving no weeknights available for shifts. Shawn works weekends depending on his shift rotation and without weekend daycare I have to take care of Emily... not to mention after a week of working I really want to spend an entire day with her. So what does that leave for spare tike to work a part time EMS job? Pretty much zero.

That's not going to work. I'm going to have to sacrifice time with Emily to do the occasional shift. While that makes me sad it isn't all bad. Doing a few ambulance shifts not only mean getting back into the fun of emergency medicine, but also nights without the responsibility to get up with the baby. Yes, wonderful, possibly uninterrupted sleep, as long as no one calls 911. In a strange way that sounds like a vacation.

While I haven't exactly devised a way to fit EMS back into my life with my new job and new baby I am determined to figure it out.., sooner than later. As full as my life is I will never cut EMS out permanently. I'm going to hold myself to that.


Firefighter/Paramedic said...

Good luck. I would hate not having at least a toe in the proverbial EMS door.

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