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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sweets from the Week.

I did a post like this last week and I like summing up the good things in the past week in a cohesive little pile so I think I will stick with this post, for now, anyway.  This week was no exception to lots of good things, either. 

1. We had the first snow of the season!  I am not talking about the big dumping of a storm that just broke records across the Northeast.  Earlier this week we had a much prettier and tinier dusting that was quite photogenic.  

This was taken with my phone.  I have some 'real' photos of this same scene I am working on!

2. I started a running regimen.  My treadmill is officially back in business.  Boy am I out of shape... which makes sense because I haven't run since last December.  But its amazing to feel that burn from a good run again. 

3. Pumpkin Carving!  This is Shawn's pumpkin, but I will be carving mine later tonight.

Shawn has to prop his pumpkin up with masking tape since he carved the design a little too low. Ha...

4.  Its officially sweater season.  I've put away my short sleeve shirts and hung all my winter clothes in the closet.  I've also realized that there are basically two sorts of clothes in my closet... plaids and cardigans.  I, however, own no plaid cardigans. 

5. I've been decorating the house for fall, albeit a little bit of a late start, I managed to find some time to randomly place orange things around my home, including several mini-pumpkins that seem to intrigue my cat.  

Don't let this pleasant face fool you... I found a pumpkin not long after this full of feline teeth marks.

6. Emily is settling into a predictable sleeping schedule.  While its not an all night schedule she is only waking once during the night most nights and goes quickly back to bed.  Boy, is that a far cry from the three to four feedings she demanded just a couple of weeks ago. 

7.  Last weekend I got to spend the afternoon with Emily in the baby carrier wandering trails in the woods while Shawn sited in his rifle for hunting season at a nearby rifle range.  The leaves were still barely hanging on and tall, late fall weeds were dried and seeding in the fields I walked through with Emily and my camera.  God, I love being out in the woods. 

Just a little brook along the trail.

8.  Summer vacation plans are (already) in the works!  It looks like just before Emily turns one she will get to make her first trip to the ocean.  We'll be spending an entire week in an extremely gorgeous condo right on the ocean that my mom rented for the entire family.  That means Shawn will spend a week with his in-laws. Poor guy.  

9.  And here's Emily hard at work at "Tummy Time"... which she hates, but I love to watch her do.  


Melanie said...

I'm completely in love with the first picture. Just gorgeous! My little stinker (who will be 4 months on saturday) isn't too fond of belly time either ;)

kittyhere said...

Happy to hear that you had a good week.

Mel said...

I love that face! You can just tell she is thinking "Mom, are we done yet!"

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