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Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Month

I want to thank all of you who chimed in with support and your own personal stories in regards to my last post!  It means a lot to hear that I am not alone and that what matters most is a mom's desire to do the best she can for her little one - no matter what the issue at hand is.  This is why I blog, because of awesome people like you.  And of course, I also respect everyone's opinion... even if they don't agree.  Because there is never just one side, or two... life is multifaceted and its fascinating seeing the different sides. 


Yesterday little miss Emily was one month old.  One month!  In all honesty I think it was the longest month of my entire life.  Partly because of all the struggles and partly because I was awake for so much of it that every day lumped into one single massive day.  

In celebration of turning one month old Emily blessed me with a four hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep and I in turn commemorated the moment by later taking several more 'professional' looking photos of her on our living room couch.  

Yup... I threw my child, naked and wearing a knitted hat, into a wicker basket.  That's what any sane photographer with a newborn does, right?  I just couldn't help myself with this cliche. 

Boy have I learned a lot and experienced a ton in the last month, too.  For example:
  1. Babies have their own schedule.  It does not matter how badly you want them to go to bed so you can watch Sunday Night Football in peace. 
  2. Breastfeeding isn't easy.  (see last post)
  3. I can do anything with one hand while holding the baby, yes... even go to the bathroom.
  4. If I try and eat while holding my child I always end up dropping food on her, poor kid.  
  5. Spit up gets on every single outfit.  Hers and mine.
  6. Going anywhere requires a two hour window to get ready.
  7. No matter how much I swore I wouldn't talk to her in 'baby talk' I find myself doing it anyway.
  8. There is no diaper strong enough to contain all the poop she produces. 
  9. Nothing is more cute than newborn 'squeaks'. 
  10. Maternity leave is not a vacation.  
And now I look forward to another month of her growing and developing more of a personality.  I know it seems like I might be wishing away these early days, but I seriously can't wait until she smiles and interacts with me more.  It gets more awesome everyday. 


Tarah said...

I miss every stage that has passed, enjoy every stage we're in and look forward to every stage still yet to come.

It goes by SO.FAST. In the blink of an eye I'm looking at my SEVEN month old son. SEVEN MONTHS! I swear I was just in your shoes yesterday. Coming out of the first month and patting myself on the back for making it out with my sanity in tact.

Motherhood is a fantastic journey. Enjoy the ride!

Randi said...

Awww! She's adorable! Don't worry about the baby talk - I did to my children until they were a bit older and now they have a vocabulary like you wouldn't believe, so it doesn't hurt them at all LOL. Give it another month and you'll find yourself acting like a complete idiot to make her smile - and it's all good ;)

MarieElizabeth said...

Wahoo! Let's hear it for 4 hours! I love the basket shot, it's not a cliche when it's your own kid, it's perfect.

AmyBean said...

"Baby talk" actually has a biological purpose that I won't bore you with here. But it's natural and normal and completely ok, provided you're not still babbling to her like that when she's 10. Which you won't be. :) Mamas just do what needs to be done, and right now, baby talk is one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Love the "threw my naked baby in a wicker basket" comment. LMAO

A New England Life said...

You think that's tough, just wait until you have a newborn AND a toddler! LOL! Oy!

Sounds like you're doing great, Jen. You and little Emily are learning from one another. Well actually she's pretty much in control ; )

Do you plan on going back to work? Love the photo in the basket. I'd say you have a good sense of humor to help keep you sane! I love hearing all the trials and tribulations of new motherhood. It brings back exhausting memories.

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