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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now That's Unusual

I just thought I would mention that I drive a whopping 1 mile to work.  Its exactly a mile.  If I take the long way around the building to the parking lot its 1.1 miles.  Now that my work hours have changed and I go into work an hour later I discovered something quite unusual on my short commute.  For some reason I get behind or have to stop for FOUR school buses in my one mile commute.  Its uncanny and has happened every single day I've worked so far.  

So the next time you curse about being behind or having to stop for one or two buses just think it could be worse... it could be FOUR. 


AmyBean said...

haha... that's funny. Same thing happens when I drive my daughter to school. If I leave a little early, it's like 3 minutes. If I leave a little late, I get behind all the school buses AND a long string of mommy traffic. 2 minutes difference in my departure time can add 10 minutes to my travel time. It's craziness.

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Jealous - I drive 4.5 miles just to get to the highway!


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