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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Close to a Pile of Junk

Whilst in the middle of my maternity leave my trusty car has decided it is tired of functioning properly and begun spitting out piles of issues that now leaves it deader than a doornail in my driveway.  I love my Escape... don't get me wrong, but its cost me a lot of money in repairs since I've owned it.  Fortunately I negotiated a fairly awesome warranty, but the countless trips to the garage and time without a vehicle are adding up.  

Why just last week we were out for a drive, my only excuse to even leave the house some days, when the battery light came on.  After buying a new battery, replacing it, and finding that the battery light was still on we sent the car off to be repaired.  Days later my Escape came back with a new alternator and I thought all the problems were solved.  Heck, I even drove it to the pediatricians office down the road.  Then, yesterday, Shawn, Emily, and I hopped into it to run errands and it didn't start.  It actually didn't even turn over.  Dead.  Right there in the driveway.  And this morning, after testing the battery and attempting to jump the vehicle for the better part of two hours to no avail, it was still dead.  

So, you can probably imagine the happy phone call that was made to the car garage about the circumstances with my Escape.  It had only been driven a whopping five miles (in which thankfully I didn't end up on the side of the road).  Bring it back in, the people at the garage said.  

I'd love to, except its dead in my driveway.

So, we had to call a tow truck company...  

My poor Escape.  I watched it ride off down the road on the back of a tow truck to have the repairs that were just made re-repaired.  Shawn has now officially christened this vehicle as a pile of crap and is urging me to consider trading it for one that doesn't require major repairs every four to six months.  My warranty expires at the end of this month (which we've used a good half dozen times to cover more than $4,000 worth of repairs) so I may have to seriously consider it.


T Lee said...

F.O.R.D. Found On Road DEAD.....that's all I can say ;) If it has been that much trouble...I would already be shopping the new car! just sayin'

Kim said...

I also had a Ford Escape that I LOVED and had tons of trouble with. I traded it in for a Subaru Forrester 2 years ago. I love it more and haven't had a single issue. :)

Smile Steady said...

Ugh... that doesn't sound so fun :(

At least it happened now and not when there are several feet of snow on the ground!

kittyhere said...

Your Escape looks great on the back of the tow truck but I think trading it is in your future. A car that you can not depend on is worse than an undependable best friend.

Anonymous said...

Found on road dead. I told you......

Golden To Silver Val said...

The acronym used for FORD when I was younger was: Fix Or Repair Daily. However, my first car was a Ford and in later years I owned a sweet Mustang. I had good luck with both cars. I guess it's like anything else....there are lemons in every product. I'd get rid of it before it's out of warranty, that's for sure. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I had an Escaope.

I'd never buy another one again.

It was almost as bad as my GMC Jimmy.

I love my F350 and Jetta. Some cars are just lemons.

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