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Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Weeks

I can't believe two weeks have passed since Emily entered the world, twelve days before her due date.  She is already pushing the limits of her newborn sized clothing.  When I kiss her cheeks she smiles, a real actual smile.  Her little head used to fit snugly in the palm of my hand as I held her to nurse.  It no longer does and she is starting to hold her head up on her own.  Although... she is nowhere near sleeping through the night.  I still look at a two hour stretch of sleep as a miracle. 

Emily, on the other hand, is sleeping just fine.  Thank the lord I think she is just starting to figure out the difference between night and day.  What a blessing that will be.  Perhaps I will get a tad bit more sleep which will leave to more energy to do other things than just blog about my baby...

Not that I don't mind doing just that.

Shawn is headed back to work today.  His two weeks of "paternity" leave are over.  That means I don't have anyone at home with me to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch while I nurse Emily.  There isn't anyone to help do laundry or the dishes.  I can't give Emily to anyone for a minute so I can run to the bathroom or take a shower.  It's just me.

It was bound to happen some time.  When she was born two weeks felt like forever away and plenty of time to spend with my husband getting used to being parents and a newly formed family of three, but oh how time flies!  Now I am a stay at home mom for the next few weeks starting today.  I actually think I will enjoy a little alone time with her and the luxury of napping without worry of interruption or forcing Shawn to be quiet!  


This is the face of a tired mother of a newborn.
In the last two weeks my favorite time of day is when I can take little Emily, lay her on my chest, and sleep.  She still curls up in a little ball, makes little content squeaks, and sleeps soundly for a solid two hours.  Its the best sleep I get all day or night and I think its the same for her.  I know that she won't be able to nap like this forever so I relish it everyday.   

That's all I can do!  


Tarah said...

Enjoy every second of it, I miss the days Dayne would fall asleep on me. Now he has to be totally exhausted before that happens.

They grow so quickly, it's amazing. I kept one newborn diaper so I could remember how small he use to be. I actually pulled it out the other day and couldn't believe his butt fit into it at one point. *sighs*

Snuggle that bundle of joy!

Melanie said...

Take heart, my little Gwen is two and a half months now and she still likes to snuggle on my chest and sleeps the very best when she's listening to my heartbeat. Time sure is flying by, I wish I had a pause button. Oh and Miss Emily is gorgeous.

IdahoNegomir said...

Enjoy her every minute they grow up way tooo fast! and after 4 kids I have learned: 1. it is okay for them to cry while you take 5 to use the bathroom and if you don't shut and lock the door they may never notice you are missing!! and 2: there all kinds of things to get into in the bathroom while mom takes a shower. She is beautiful!!

A New England Life said...

I can't believe she's two weeks old already! It's a bit of a jolt when your husband goes back to work and your left alone, but I'm sure you are enjoying the time between the two of you. Emily is such an angel.

T Lee said...

just a big ole bag of too many mixed up, jumbled up, crammed into too short a time bag of emotions! try to absorb as much as you can into your skin....forever!! love.

Mel said...

Enjoy every second! I agree. I love love love snuggling with my babies for a nap. There really is no better feeling! And can I just say I'm jealous she even fit in the newborn clothes. My last never did. He came home in 0-3 mo.

Jes Cady said...

I can't get over how much hair she has! It's so unreal. It all goes by so fast. Enjoy it and take a little time for you too. Even if it is an hour.

Colleen Sullivan @ Meet the Sullivans said...

Your daughter is amazingly precious :) I'm pregnant with our first child (25 weeks!) and I just love reading all you have to share about being a new mom.

PS. You have great taste in naming children...Emily is a beautiful name! It's the name we have picked out if our baby is a girl :)

Dianne said...

Emily and my granddaughter Maggie are the same age! I'm glad you're napping when SHE does - that's the very best thing to do! This early newborn stage will pass...just enjoy it while it lasts. I love all the pics of her - she's beautiful! I love all that hair!

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