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Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Weeks

Its been three weeks already since Emily entered the world.  Holy cow.  I'd say it has gone by fast, but I spend so much time awake that each day seems to be one extremely long sleepless fog.  I'm definitely wearing the new mom more-tired-than-imaginable look in the photo, too.  Since her birth I've also not worn a stitch of make-up or done my hair other than throwing it back.  There is just not enough energy left in me to devote to my appearance.  Now that I am not pregnant no one is looking at me anyway... they are all looking at Emily, which is a good thing.  

So, to answer the question everyone always asks... How are things going? 

Well, I am going to cover that in my next post, because there's not such a simple answer. 


AmyBean said...

It's been that long already?! Wow! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? :)

I have a piece of advice for you and I hope you take it to heart. You said you haven't spent any time on yourself, and you know, I totally get that. But I encourage you to take a minute or two every day to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. If it's a touch of lip gloss, or putting a pretty barrette in your hair, or even just wearing a cute top (even though it will get spit up on it), or just handing the baby off to Shawn for a moment and stepping out onto the porch to breathe quietly for a minute. Find something that's important to you that helps you re-center. For me, it was just showering and wearing jeans instead of pajamas every day before 10 a.m., but it might be different for you. But it's important, because even though life is crazy and most of your energy is (and should be!) spent on caring for Emily, YOU are still important. You are still a priority, even if she is the top priority right now. You may think everybody's busy looking at Emily, but they care about you too. :) She's important, but so are you.

Balisha said...

AmyBean said it so well. You are a beautiful woman who just had a baby. You have spent so much time taking care of others in your career too...take some time for you. Balisha

Country Whispers said...

What a beautiful little girl.
I can assure you that things will get easier. Routines will get easier, sleep will come and you will be able to have a little time for yourself.
I had to laugh when you said nobody looks at you anymore because once our first child came we both said the same thing. No one comes to see us...they come to see the baby.

You learn that once you have a baby you jump to the back seat. Baby gets front seat! :0)

Congratulations on your new arrival and may you find "sleep" soon.

kittyhere said...

As far as makeup & just throwing your hair back -- I think you look beautiful. But yes you do deserve to carve out some time for you. Shawn, a girlfriend, a co-worker, somebody needs to spot you an hour or two to do 'whatever' to you recharge.

ladylisabear69 said...

I am very late in offering up Welcome to the World, Little Emily. I haven't been reading you for more than a few months, I think, but just before you gave birth, Irene and Lee came along and my laptop died. Sharing a computer with my family does not give me time to read my blogs much, so I am finally catching up as my laptop arrived today and M'Lord got it all set up. So congratulations on becoming a Mom! I read the next post and it does get better. My son ended up in the hospital for three days at two weeks old because he wouldn't eat and they thought that he had caught something. 5 days later, after being home for two days, trying other ways to get him fed, and just about to give up and go with formula he latched on again and was fine feeding after that. But what a week. It does get better.

Cheryl Bartley said...

I hadn't checked the posts for awhile. I did not know your baby had been born. I want to congratulate you and you husband.

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