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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weathering the Storm

I come from a state (Maryland) that over prepares for EVERYTHING.  If there is snow in the forecast everything shuts down.  Hurricanes?  Bring out the bottled water and plywood.  Tornadoes?  Head to the basement with the FM radio and flashlight.  I've seen a lot when it comes to natural disasters and preparedness for them, except I haven't seen Vermont prepare for one... until now.  

Vermont is a state that doesn't care about disasters.  They just don't happen here, except snow, which is just a way of life.  We're the only land locked New England state so hurricanes have never been a concern, but then Irene came and Vermont went nutty.  

My husband also went nutty.

I'm talking about the same man that didn't care about the two feet of snow we got a couple years ago in a single day.  They didn't plow the roads for the duration of the storm and we lost power.  He actually made fun of me for my concern over such a storm when I advised I was making a pot of soup to tide me over for the week it would take to dig out.  

Now the tables have turned.

Yesterday we went on a wild goose chase for what he thought we needed to weather the weather of Irene.  Jugs to put water in, electrical cords to hook to the generator that we drove all the way to his parents to fetch, flash lights, batteries, and gasoline canisters.  

The third store we visited... the first to have gas cans.

We were greeted on our search for such items with empty shelves and piles of other Vermonters on the same mission.  The camping aisle in Wal Mart was raided of even the most benign and useless camping gear.  Anything that resembled something useful for battling the elements without modern conveniences, like electricity, was gone.  You would have thought the apocalypse was upon us.  All of Vermont had gone insane thanks to Irene.   

Once our shopping was completed and we had basic survival items Shawn then began the process of preparing the house for the storm.  It consisted of making everything '9 month pregnant woman ready' in case we lost electricity.  He is, of course, working and staying extra hours through the storm at the fire station so he wanted everything to be as simple and pre-set as possible for me.  He's so nice.  

But really, I don't mind losing power.  I'll light one of the kerosene lanterns and lay on the couch and read.  It sounds so relaxing to me.  The only thing I am worrying about is going into labor.  Friends have filled me fill of wives tales of how low pressure can cause a woman to go into labor.  Also, another friend so nicely informed me that there is a theory that the New Moon may also bring about the onset of labor.  Oddly enough the height of the hurricane for Vermont and the New Moon for August coincide with one another, Sunday night.  

Since I am now 37 weeks and all systems are go for delivery I laugh haughtily at such wives tales, but secretly wonder if they are right.... 

Either way, bring on the storm and whatever may come with it.  I've got a lot of book's I'd like to finish before the peanut arrives! 


Smile Steady said...

Ahhh! 37 weeks already?!

It could happen any day now. That's so exciting! Although, I'm thinking you're safe for this weekend. Maybe if you were a little more freaked out about it... but you seem cool as a cucumber. Plus, I just don't think she's coming yet. (Do you like the way I pretend to be knowledgeable from across the U.S. without any real info to go on? haha)

Best of luck- you guys are all in our thoughts and prayers!

Theres just life said...

Hope you get a chance to catch up on your reading. I hear the winds are already dying down on Irene, but you will probably still get a lot of rain. So even if you don't lose electricity, stretch out on the couch and read to the sound of the rain.
It is really strange watching a hurricane headed your way instead of to us here in the Gulf Coast. But I have already been through 2 in the last 6 years and could use the break.

Pamela Jo

Theres just life said...

Hey look on the bright side, with all this preparing you are all ready for the next snowstorm with a new baby. With out trying to get hubby to freak out with you.

Pamela Jo

MarieElizabeth said...

Hmm, 37 weeks and a storm, glad to hear everything is ready!

R. Roushey said...

Hope the storm isn't too bad and you are able to get where you need to go if you need to get somewhere....dare I say the hospital! Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!

Joslinda said...

I can not remember the number, but the news was just talking about this, seems quite a few pregnant women went into labor in NC right during the height of Irene. I thought they even said 2 of the women gave their children Irene as middle names. Enjoy your reading, there is never a better time to start a good book.

kittyhere said...

It was touching to read how your husband wanted everything on hand for the storm given 'your condition'. Sure the Upper Valley has not had significant hurricane damage since 1938 (9/21/38 according to the stamp on my little "Hurricane Pine Souvenir Rocker") But as a man, what else could he do? Especially knowing his job meant he could not stay at home with you the whole time.

Rob Dares said...

Good Luck, I hope the storm goes by without any problems. Here in Nova Scotia we are preparing for it to arrive tonight, but expecting a diluted version of the hurricane, down to tropical storm or less. I too think it was a good idea on your husband's part to ensure you had everything you needed, just in case. And the experience with babies is 2 girls, and they came when they were ready, not a minute before....Good Luck will be thinking about you !!

Theres just life said...

Hey girl I was just looking at all the flooding in Vermont looks like you guys are getting the worst of it now. Hope everything is all right at your little cabin and hubby is safe at his job as well. I know he is out in all the mess trying to help everyone. Be safe, if you have to leave DO NOT drive thru the water even if it looks like you can make it. In Texas I have seen that happen way too many times with bad results.

Praying for you and your husband during this time.
Pamela Jo

debbirobertson said...

Well, did you guys do with the storm. Had you on my heart today. Praying all is well.

Anonymous said...

Just found this site because it was a link at another site I was reading. Logged on because I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Vermont.
What would you recommend as a good place to stay and any hints on small towns to visit? NOT a fan of big cities, our town has a population of 1,300 and that is plenty big enough for me and some days too big.
My girls and I love small out-of-the-way towns and little b&b's to stay at. HELP.
Have a daughter singing at Carnegie this winter so thinking that we may be able to incorporate Vermont stay into that time.
laura h
p.s. Hope that all is well with you and your family during the storm and all its aftermath.

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