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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something Different

I have the feeling the last several weeks my posts have been becoming more on sided.  Pregnancy this.  Baby that.  Its understandable considering my condition I suppose.  But in spirit of all those who are tired of hearing about all that stuff here is a photo of something I saw on the streets of Woodstock Vermont the other day at a public street festival...

Proof I live in a hippie state.  Public composting. 


kittyhere said...

I grew up in Vermont during the 'hippie invasion'. My first reaction to your photo, before your caption, was yes - only in Vermont - especially places like Woodstock. Then I read your caption & laugh. After my laugh I wanted to post "yeah, and it is the move-ins that made us a hippie state". Then I thought that might offend - but I typed it anyway. I know I feel really strange when I travel & can not find a recycling bin for plastic bottles & paper. I've heard from people who move to places like Ohio that they work to get their neighbors to recycle.

Growing up I never heard the word 'compost' but any food waste went under the barn (it turned to compost after my uncle became too elderly to always have a pig or two.) I was teased as a kid that every tin or plastic container got washed & separated from other trash. And now the children of those childhood classmates are probably the most vocal environmentalists. Pretty funny how just 30-40 years can change a societies norms.

R. Roushey said...

That's awesome. I've never seen public composting like this.

AJ said...

Just like my mom always says, "I was green before green was cool." She used cloth diapers because she couldn't afford disposables. She breastfed because it was free. The "compost pile" went onto the garden in the spring. That garden wasn't "organic" but they didn't use pesticides or fertilizer from the store. The chickens weren't free range, but they ate lots of bugs and wandered around the yard. Everything was washed and reused. Everything was homemade and hand-me-down, now called "DIY" and "consignment."

Like kittyhere said, it is funny how things change and still stay the same...but with a bigger marketing scheme.

miloandme said...

I love composting. In my opinion, it's the easiest way to recycle and a total no brainer. We had a compost pile growing up and now as an adult, I compost anything that will.

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