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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Most Logical Thing to Buy Before Having a Baby... Or Not

Shawn and I have adjusted very differently to our pending parenthood.  I am like any other woman, excited and glowing.  Shawn is your typical male, anxious, supportive, and grappling with the thought of life changing as he knows it.  Its been a little overwhelming for both of us, to say the least, especially when it comes to actually purchasing things for the baby.

Or in this case... things NOT for the baby.

Long before I met him Shawn played the drums.  Actually, he has played them pretty much since the moment he could sit up and beat things.  His parents bought him his first drum set before his third birthday.  When he was a teenager and in his early twenties he played in various bands in front of small and large crowds.  Then we started dating and he started pursuing a serious career of paramedicine and firefighting.  Somewhere along the line his drum set took a back seat.  

But then...  as my belly grew larger and the reality that, yes, there really is a child in there that we are totally responsible for and she will be making her grand entrance sooner than later, Shawn suddenly began to go through some sort of mid-life crisis except he's having a baby, not turning 50. 

Suddenly he has to fish.  Every. Single. Day.  He has to go in for coverage or hang out at the fire station.  Every. Single. Time. Coverage. Is. Called.  And he had to play his drums.

Right.  Now.

But not only did he want to play the drums he didn't want to play the drums that he already had.  He insisted on a new set.  I, being the practical one that I am, was confused as to why a perfectly functioning drum set he's had for years needed to be replaced with a brand new, more expensive, set.  His efforts in  making me understand were futile, but I caved anyway.  

So we went out and purchased a brand new drum set.  By we I mean Shawn with my blessing.

Its the perfect thing to invest in right before our newborn baby arrives, right?  

Many people have raised their eyebrows at this story, but there is a reason for this madness.  Sometimes you have to pick your battles and sometimes its worth giving in a little so the one you love is happy.  Everyone deals with pending parenthood differently and who am I to judge?  Apparently my husband's way is beating on drums...  

Anyway, in a couple of weeks I am sure he will be beating a different drum when he holds his daughter for the first time.  Plus, I can always hide the drum sticks. 


Tarah said...

haha - cute story. Life changes so quickly once you return home with that little bundle. In a good way but life gets shuffled around for a few months until everything finally settles and you figure out what works for you guys.

R. Roushey said...

I bet your baby will love the drums! If she's heard them throughout your pregnancy she might love them once she is born too. Who knows maybe there will be days when you will need to bang the drums as well. Just make sure she isn't sleeping when you do. ;) We try not to avoid making noises around the house when Annika is she is pretty used to sleeping through just about anything at this point.

Misty Dawn said...

Great story. You're right, you have to pick your battles. In my marriage, I'm the one who must fish. LOL And, Hub's purchases are usually things like an old tractor that he just has to get to "fix up", even though we both know he'll never have the time to fix it up. Since we don't have any children together, when he starts talking tractors or equipment, I start talking cameras and accessories. ;-)

MarieElizabeth said...

It's good to have a well rounded spouse. If this makes your life easier, it was a good choice!

Debbi said...

Good stress relief!? Sounds good to me!

the Provident Woman said...

My husband also played the drums growing up and when we got married he wanted to get them from his parents house. We've been married 9 years and the drums are still in his parents basement.

Anonymous said...

I love this story


Smile Steady said...

Yep. Mine has been eyeing surround sound systems/home theater equipment. His excuse is that we'll need some quality video and audio to watch home movies on! haha

Anonymous said...

Are they set up in the nursery?

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