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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meanwhile... Back at the Station

Thank you each and every one who commented or even just read my last post about the flood. It really is devastating, still, as most of you across the country have now seen. We here in my town may have washed out roads and damaged property, but my town is not like others in the state that are utterly isolated and cut off from any form of access other than by helicopter. Its surreal, like a movie... Except its not a movie and people are running out of food/water and having it dropped by air like they are in Vietnam.


But meanwhile, to be fortunate to turn my mind elsewhere... 

The imminent dangers in our area have subsided (however, not necessarily in other parts of the state), but cleanup is just beginning.  Shawn finally came home from his long stint at the station and then began filling me in with the details of his, literally, heroic rescues of people nearly washed away.  I was horrified listening to his stories and imagining the father of my almost ready to be born baby risking himself as he described.  Clearly I was better off imagining what he was doing than actually knowing since my imagination was far more tame. 

But part of me is proud.  Really proud.  Mostly I am glad he is home, doesn't smell like a muddy river anymore, and he asks me if I am okay after every uncomfortable sigh I make.  ...something tells me he's a little edgy about me going into imminent labor at every second.  I'll take the attentiveness while he is dishing it out. 

Meanwhile I have been battling Braxton Hicks periodically and wondering if each day is the day I'll go into "real" labor.  Every once and a while I swear I am having real contractions.... but no.  Ugh.  That's about as exciting as my life has been.  Not even close to water rescues, evacuations, and appearing on the news like my husband and his coworkers.  A few months ago maybe I would have longed to be in my husband's shoes, but my mindset has changed.  

Now, I'm perfectly happy waiting back at the station, or home, whichever is more comfortable.  Pregnancy will do that to one's sense of adventure.

...actually I have been doing some stuff.  Which includes, but is not limited to; finishing the nursery, packing for the hospital, cleaning the entire house, working, doing photo shoots, and editing a lot of photos (all of which I will share with you shortly!).

What, you really think I can sit still, even being nine months pregnant?



melanie said...

So happy to hear that your hubby is safe! While I watched videos on the weather channel about Vermont this morning I was thinking about you guys. So exciting that your little girl is almost here! My little June bug is turning 2 on friday and it feels like she was just born yesterday. I've got my fingers crossed she doesn't make you wait too much longer :)

MarieElizabeth said...

I think we call that nesting, which means that baby is almost here!

Tarah said...

So glad the hubs is home! And safe! And smells clean! :)

It's crazy how slow these last few weeks/days will crawl by and then...POW - life is on permanet fast forward.

Lisa Waters said...

Everyone in Vermont is in my thoughts and prayers. My dad was born and raised in Coventry/Newport. I showed my parents your blog posts regarding the hurricane and flooding - it is truly unbelievable.

On a happier note, I also showed them your photos of Vermont; they thought they were beautiful (as do I!). My dad said he believes he took a field trip when he was in second grade (over 50 years ago) to the round barn you photographed - how cool is that!

Stay safe, and I hope that you get to meet your little one very soon! :)

Candace said...

My thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering. My husband and I were reading online last night about all of the towns literally cut off and the number of people stranded last evening. It's so surreal. Having come from the state of Louisiana who weathered Hurricane Katrina, I am impressed with the resilience and attitude of the people of Vermont. I'm happy that you and your family rode out the storm safely. I rode through your area yesterday with my sister-in-law who had an errand to do over there. It's very pretty there. Take care. It sounds like your little angel won't be too much longer now. Candace

Mel said...

All that energy must be gearing you up for labor!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you all. And hoping that things will soon get better and return to some sort of normalcy!!! I've lived in different areas throughout the country and have experienced numerous different disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and the OKC bombing) just as a resident and not even an emergency responder. I'm always amazed at the response of the community during times like this!

Take care of yourself and your little one. And we'll continue to keep those people who are in such trying circumstances in our thoughts and prayers!!!


ladylisabear69 said...

You are nesting, and that can definitely help the end pass more quickly. Or you can do what I did, which is not get everything done, including filling the freezer with lasagna, etc, because you give birth 3 weeks early. He was fine and healthy and 6 lbs, 8 oz, so the early wasn't so bad except that our house, clothes, and food were not finished being prepped. Enjoy the end of the pregnancy and get your husband to rub your feet.

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