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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Know Just How You Feel

Every month when I hold my photo assignments, choose finalist selections for page, and then pick winners I receive tons of comments and emails about how exciting and great it is to either be a finalist selection or chosen a winner.  Its exciting!  Its a confidence booster!  Heck, its something to brag about.  And I know just how you all feel.  

As some of you know, mostly those who read the Pioneer Woman's blog, one of my photos was chosen for her second group of Black and White photos in her current assignment.  I've made her cuts a couple of times before, but its usually the last group after I've submitted a handful of photos.  This time my first photo was chosen, one that my husband actually told me not to take.

Shawn didn't like the idea of me standing a few dozen yards behind this couple and photographing them without their knowledge.  He thought I should have let them be and enjoy their moment.  I, on the other hand, saw a moment that needed to be captured. 

While none of my photos that have ever been featured on The Pioneer Woman's website have been selected as a finalist photo, let alone the winner, I still am thrilled that a moment my husband wanted me to pass up is pleasing enough to the eye to be picked out of literally thousands of entries.  So, I do now how those of you who participate in my assignments feel!  ...granted I don't get thousands of entries, but still!  

On my photo blog I typed up a post about how to create black and white photos if you are interested!  Its quite simple and I show step by step instructions on how to do it so if you are a little in the dark on layers and think that desaturating a photo is the only way to turn it black and white then you should give it a read!

Also,  my current photo assignment is ongoing and there are fewer entries this month than others so that means you have a greater chance of being selected and possibly winning!  And yes, I offer real prizes like the Pioneer Woman does, well at least until I go on maternity leave and can't afford it for a few months. 

So, there are lots of things you can do with your camera and your photos now and hopefully you'll know just how I feel now if you don't already!


MarieElizabeth said...

I really like this shot, and you didn't interupt their moment, just camptured it for all time. :)

Natalie@Queen of Whirled said...

I saw that yesterday and beamed with pride for you!

Misty Dawn said...

I saw yesterday that you were chosen. You've been chosen by her quite a few times. It's well deserved, because you're very talented.

By the way... did you get my e-mail regarding next month's contest?
It's Misty Dawn, by the way... having issues with Google today. LOL

Diana said...

Can we submit more than one photo for your photo assignments?

brandilicious said...

It is an awesome shot! I wrote on your fb that my brother and his girlfriend just got engaged in that location a few weeks ago!

Never listen to someone else who tells you not to take the picture. I brought my tripod and camera to thanksgiving a few years ago and a family member told me that people wouldn't want to take a family photo. Well, everyone cooperated and it's a photo we all cherish because my husband's aunt passed away 6 months later.

Kimberly said...

Congratulations on being chosen! I saw this on her site the other day and was excited for you! You are only the second person I "know" who was picked as one of PW's finalists. :)

kittyhere said...

Wonderful photo - I can see how it appealed to PW's romantic side. Therefore I also understand your husband's feelings about not taking the photo. I trust you did not spoil their moment. And I wish you luck as PW picks a winner.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Thanks everyone!

And Diana, you can add 3 photos per week all month long to the Contest group on Flickr! said...

Love the picture Jen!!! Maybe the couple who's in it will find it and get a copy!! How special would that be! :) said...

Did you notice that A Bunch of Beans had a photo chosen in group 3? I believe you chose that photo for last months contest?! Lots of talent here!! :)

AmyBean said...

I LOVED that shot, and I was so glad she chose it. Such a sweet moment. I never have the guts to take photos of strangers -- I'm more like your husband, although I recognize that it's irrational and I wouldn't be bothering anybody to take the shot. But still, I just can't do it. I feel like a creep. :-P But really, it's lovely.

I was shocked that she chose my grass photo, to be honest. It's the first one of mine she's chosen that wasn't one of the Edit This assignments. I doubt I'll win, but like you said, it's exciting to be noticed. :)

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