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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Felt the Earthquake Too

While the epicenter of the 5.9 earthquake that dominated the news, twitter, and facebook feeds across the east coast was a heck of a lot closer to where I grew up in Maryland than to Vermont I still felt the tremors way up here.  However, I didn't know what the heck was going on at first.  

Whilst I blissfully sat on the couch doing some work on my computer Shawn walked into the room.  The following conversation then took place:

Me: Is the couch moving?
Shawn:  No...
Me: Seriously, the couch is moving.  I feel like I am shaking!
Shawn:  What's wrong with you?  Its not moving. Maybe its just a pregnancy thing.

I sat on the couch swearing I saw it swaying back and forth and I was swaying right along with it for a good twenty to thirty seconds.  Part of me wondered if Shawn was right and I was light headed or experiencing some other weird pregnancy related side effect.  Then my mother called and confirmed I wasn't nuts with her reports of a large earthquake just minutes ago that she felt while driving home from work down in Maryland.   My poor sister, who was home alone, dealt with photos and objects falling off shelves and the house shaking strongly enough she thought things broke upstairs, but it turned out to be fine. 

So, I relished in the fact that I actually wasn't crazy and I got to feel an earthquake!  A real, live earthquake!  What made it even better is that there was no damage or consequence here or to any of my loved ones down south.  Now I'll be happy if such an event doesn't repeat itself, especially soon. 


Tarah said...

I felt it too over here in Michigan! I was sitting at my desk at work and swear it felt like there were small waves rocking under me. I thought I was crazy until I heard the reports of the earthquake! CRAZY!

Mel said...

I have actually never felt an earthquake. I have been told we live close to a very large fault line, but it hasn't done anything for who knows how long. But when it does it will supposedly be big! Glad you and your family are all fine.

Kristin said...

I felt it here. LOL. Obviously. I am only 57 miles from the epicenter. I was nursing 2.0 when the whole building started to shake and I ran hilariously topless with kid still attached to go hunker in the doorframe. I didn't have anything fall, but everything I have is mounted to the wall with velcro. It was actually very loud with everything shifting and moving. And then it was over as fast as it began.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Ugh - I HATE earthquakes! It's freaky how loud a house can be when it's bent in ways it was never intended to bend. *shudder*

So glad you and yours are safe. We out west give you east coasters a hard time about your earthquakes, but from what I understand, they're a lot worse over there because there aren't as many fault lines to cross (and to weaken the earthquake) as it travels.

Erica and Sarah said...

Hello from your reader that used to live in Vermont & now lives on The EPICENTER. Live from Louisa VA here. That is so funny that you felt it up there too! Things were scary crazy & looks like my daughters high school may not be safe to go back to.Not the way she was hoping to spend her senior year :( Well just wanted to say I think its cool you felt a little of our Shake up there to.

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