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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hanging with Mom

There is nothing like a mother/daughter bond.  We've always had a typically great relationship where, despite my distance from her most of the year, I call often and update her on even the most mundane parts of my life.  Like any loving mother she has always been there offering great advice or positive encouragement every time I am sure the world is about to fall apart.  

But since I've become pregnant things have changed.

Suddenly I understand things.  Suddenly we really have something to bond over, after all she's birth three daughters of her own.  Suddenly I really enjoy every moment I can spend with her.  

Instead of her parenting me we talk about parenting together.  Every time we talk about pregnancy, birth, or babies I can't help, but to imagine her twenty six years ago...  When she was in my shoes with a brand new baby me on the way.  The excitement of it all and the anxiety of pending labor; its so universal and uniting, even across the generations.  

My mom was just up for a visit.  We spent an entire afternoon shopping, talking, laughing, and comparing experiences.  As we sat in a classy restaurant in one of the classiest towns in Vermont we discussed pending signs of labor and how similar my dad and Shawn are when it comes to labor and delivery attitudes.  Then we walked the streets of the town listening to a band performing for the street festival as we peaked in store windows and admired the huge colonial houses.  I felt more grown up than ever and I felt closer to my mom than ever.  May I be blessed that twenty six years from now I can do the same thing and my own daughter feel the same way, because if you ask me there is nothing better than hanging with mom. 


R. Roushey said...

It's amazing how soon to be motherhood can strengthen the bonds with your own mother and make you understand things you never did before....just wait till you hold your little one in your arms!

Rosanne said...

You just made my day! My mom is now 93 and we can no longer go window shopping together as she is tethered to oxygen and a walker. But we still have great phone conversations and visits. I also love hanging out with my daughters! One happens to be expecting a baby in January...and we are having fun with that! I understand the joy that comes from shared experiences. Can't wait to meet your new little girl! :)

A New England Life said...

How wonderful that you and your mom are so close. As you get closer to motherhood yourself it's amazing how much you can identify with your parents!

Allie Luck said...

I fought so much with my mom all through middle and high school. After having my own I don't know why we did that, but it seems I wasn't the only one. Now I completely understand where my mom was coming from on so many things. It does change your perspective.

Erica and Sarah said...

Loved this post!

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