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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Definition of Ridiculous

I am eight and a half months pregnant and haven't sat still.  I've barely been home and when I have I've been scrambling to get the basic chores done to ensure that my husband has clean underwear and I have a maternity shirt to wear (since I fit into about two of them now).  Months ago I swore I wouldn't let pregnancy keep me confined or inhibit me from doing anything and by golly I think I've proven that, but now.....  now I am feeling like I've proven enough.

That's because in the last seven days I have done this...
  • worked five of the days  (while I was only scheduled to work three of them)
  • been called by my job twelve times about changing my schedule or working on my days off
  • rescued my mother who's car broke down in NH on her way up here for a short visit.  
  • did a senior photo shoot for a friend's child and am now editing the photos
  • scheduled ANOTHER photo session for a friend and her family
  • visited my in-laws
  • had a second baby shower back in Island Pond
  • taught a training at one of the rescues squads way up north
  • tomorrow I am going to Boston for a Redsox Yankees game, too!
 And there is probably more, but my memory is akin to that of a 90 year old Alzheimer patient thanks to the pregnancy so here are some photos I snapped of an insanely awesome sunset with my phone.  Of course I was too busy to take real photos, actually I was too busy to even remember to bring my camera with me to take real photos.  Either way, trust me, it was a beautiful sunset.  

Now I am off to do errands and have my 34 week OB appointment.  I told you... no rest for me!  It must be a great prep for motherhood to stay so busy. 


Anonymous said...

Good for you for staying busy. It really will help you recover after. And you'll have plenty of time to rest after she is born. And resting with a newborn in your arms is much more satisfying!
And beautiful sunset, even though it's with your phone.

kittyhere said...

Enjoy the Redsox Yankees game -- or scalp your tickets to start the little one's college fund.

Tarah said...

Get all that rushing around in now - my first month was a whirlwind of zombieitis. I remember my husband coming home and me telling him I didn't know if I had brushed my teeth that day, eaten and couldn't remember the last time I showered. But treasure treasure treasure each moment because they really do just zip on by. :)

Jes Cady said...

Good for you. try to enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can. A little rest can go a long way for both you and the baby.

R. Roushey said...

So glad you are able to keep will help makes these last weeks fly by!

MarieElizabeth said...

I'm tired just reading that! You are going to be so well prepared when that baby gets here and wants all your time. Although, a week or two of rest before then couldn't hurt.

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