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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Blog Post about Things I Forget to Blog About

I really have good intentions when it comes to making blog posts.  Almost every day I am snapping photos of things to share or talk about.  Then, before I know it, a week or two has gone by and the posts never materialized to type.  So, in interest of time and energy I have decided to lump everything I've remembered that I've forgotten (does that even make sense?) into one big post of mini-posts. 

Baby Shower #2
I had my second baby shower two weeks ago up in our old home town of Island Pond with lots of my friends and my in-laws.  It was a great time with great food, including a crab dip that my black lab decided to utterly devour once I brought the left overs home.  I was also blessed with lots of awesome things for the little ladybug and myself.  

Do I have photos?    Yes.  

Have I had time to go through them?  No.  

I know, I'm lame.  So here is one of me cutting the cake.    And in case you can't tell... I do not know what I am doing when it comes to cutting a cake.  I'll just stick to eating it. 

Oh, and speaking of my baby showers....
If you attended I actually am working on the thank you notes!  Seriously, I hope to have them mailed before the baby is here.  Ugh... it took me three months to mail my wedding thank you cards and a lot of them I just wrote thank you messages in my Christmas cards as a way of saving postage and time.  

...I know.  I am an etiquette disaster and I am mostly okay with that. 

Where The Heck is My Mother?
 A couple of weeks ago my mother came up for a brief visit that was tied with her job.  I got a frantic phone call from her while I was at work as she was suppose to be driving up.  She had broken down.  Somewhere.  The directions I got from her were that she didn't know where she was, but thought she was on Route 103.  So, being the awesome daughter and son-in-law we are, I left work and Shawn and I looked up on a map Vermont Route 103.  Unbeknownst to us, or my mother, she was not in Vermont at all, but actually New Hampshire.  We didn't realize this until we drove forty five minutes south, searched Vermont Route 103, and then received a phone call from my mother mentioning other nearby roads to her location.  After a little detective work I figured out where she was.  Half a tank of gas and two hours later we rescued her.  

Senior Photo Shoots
I've agreed to do a couple of senior photo sessions despite my hugely pregnant condition.  Actually, I have turned a couple of people away who have inquired, because I simply don't have the time or energy to devote to such large projects.  The couple of shoots I have signed on to do have been for family friends, one of which I have already done.  Here is a sample..

I've used this spot to take photos before, actually of myself to test out the location for future sessions, when I was much much less pregnant.  The covered bridge and brook are an amazing spot that provide a ton of different angles and ideas for shooting.  My next shoot, however, won't be here, but rather another awesome destination I've scouted before. 

We Spent HOW Much?
The other day Shawn and I hopped in our car and headed halfway to the coast in search of baby paraphernalia.  Despite having two wonderful showers I still had (and still do...) several things that I need for the peanut before she makes her debut or I become far to pregnant to want to leave the house.  After a day driving, shopping, and staring at shelves of bottles, breast pumps, and pacifiers we came out with a $600 total of, as Shawn said so nicely when he was tired and cranky at the end of the day, crap for the baby.  Okay... so I may have been slightly distracted by all the frilly sweaters and cute little onesies, but seriously baby things are expensive.  

We've spent so much money on this baby and she isn't even here yet!  Lord, we are in trouble...  

Finally - Lost in a Good Book
I've finally lost myself in a great book that I have been devouring in my spare time (ha..)  Seriously, though... this book I found on my iPad's iBook store.  While discovering just how addictive and fun it is to shop virtually for books I stumbled across this gem of a book.  Its genre and story line are not exactly what I'd normally read, but for some reason I can't put it down.  

This is the book:

I highly suggest it.  Since I bought an electronic copy to enjoy I unfortunately can't give away this book once I am finished, but if I could I would! 

The Nursery
It's about at 60% functionality.  I hope to actually do a real post about it when its up and running at capacity.  Until then I really should get to work on that.  The weeks are getting shorter and the pressure is starting to mount.   

So, I hope you've enjoyed my mini-posts!  
I am sure there is more I wanted to write about, but can't remember.  That seems to be just how my brain is working these days.  Information and ideas float in and float out as they please before I even have a chance to realize it.  Oh the joys of pregnancy... it ranks right up there with the peanut butter induced heart burn. 


Tarah said...

Baby stuff IS so expensive! We were lucky to have friends give us a lot of hand me downs. These kids grow so fast that they were an outfit once before it's too small. So the clothing is hardly used!

Jes Cady said...

You have been doing such a good job of keeping up with your blog. And yeah all the baby stuff is so expensive. It's crazy how fast they grow out of clothes. I've decided to only buy about 10 outfits for each size because she only wears them for about 8 weeks before she grows out of them. I'm trying to keep that expensive baby stuff in check. It get's easier once they arrive because you don't have time to go shopping.

kittyhere said...

Wishing you well as your pregnancy enters the home stretch.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Oh my goodness, it's so hard not to over-buy! I'm finding that the desire to buy cute little things remains, even after the baby is no longer a baby. It's so hard to walk past that baby aisle with blinders on!!

Anonymous said...

Save your money on toys!

Eliz GIft Cards said...

Baby shopping is really expensive, and if you cannot find 2nd hand items then you really spend thousands... At least baby showers help with some of the things needed.

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