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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is Not How You Want to Start a Roadtrip


Traffic.  Break lights.  Waiting.  Frustration.  

This is Connecticut... New York...  New Jersey... Delaware.  Literally it was my entire drive every 30 minutes or so.  Bumper to bumper along the the entire eastern sea board until I reached my wonderful home state.  To amuse myself along the way I thought of "superlatives", like in yearbooks, that I would give the states I drove through. 

Vermont:  Most Likely to Make You Fall Asleep While Driving
Massachusetts: Most People I Gave the Middle Finger To.   (one)
Connecticut:  Most Expensive Gas for No Reason.  ($4.19 per gallon)
New York:  Worst Smelling Rest Stops
New Jersey:  Most Road Construction Possible
Delaware: Most People Running Red Lights and Nearly Hitting You  (two)
Maryland:  Most Corn Fields and Deer Oblivious to Habitation

Seeing this sign was a huge relief, especially because once I did the roads began to look like this:

Once I reached the open, two lane roads I rolled down the window and found an ever-so-fitting country music station that I cranked up loud enough to make my little peanut start kicking and jabbing in my belly.   While I found she prefers classic rock and nice guitar riffs I figured she should also get a taste for the music of her roots.  

Despite the drive taking almost three hours longer than it should my spirits weren't dampened one bit as I approached the home turf of my youth.  Nothing is quite like coming home, especially when you know you'll be getting to see tons of old friends and family you rarely (if ever) get to see!  Yes, that means the goods about the baby shower goods is coming up in the next post! 


AmyBean said...

Definitely not how you want to start a road trip. If it makes you feel any better, when we moved from Philadelphia to Nebraska last summer, we spent the entire first day (12 hours' worth) sitting in traffic on the PA turnpike. We didn't even get out of the state that day, and it should have taken 6 hours to cross the entire state. That was not awesome sitting in a Penske truck.

Enjoy your visit with your family! Have fun at your shower! :)

Rosanne said...

There's nothing more frustrating than being stuck in traffic. One of my kids lives in Annapolis, Maryland...the traffic there is ridiculous! It's crazy how nice the roads are once you get away from the cities. :)
Can't wait to hear about the baby shower!

ladylisabear69 said...

I will apologize for NJ. The mess that is the Turnpike and what runs below it down through and past DC is why we go the longer mileage route through PA and VA to get to Winston-Salem, NC, despite all three map programs trying to tell us to go down 95.

Hope the drive home was better!

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