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Friday, July 1, 2011

I Can't Bend Over

Okay, I admit it.  I am really starting to notice the physical limits of pregnancy.  Its really hitting me hard since I have always been the type of person to push through any physical limitation.  Need water supply at the fire scene?  I'll drag the hose a quarter mile and connect it to the hydrant.  A four hundred pound woman slid out of bed and needs to get off the floor?  Sure, I'll get under her shoulder and help lift.  Help me carry those heavy EMS bags?  Nah, I've got it.  Squeeze into that twisted wreckage of a car to reach a patient?  I can't think of anything else I'd rather do. 

But oh how things have changed...  

Now I loathe anything related to bending or lifting.  Not only that I just plain physically can't utilize my abdominal muscles right now.  There have been little feets firmly embedded under my ribcage for the last couple of weeks. The weight in my ever bulging belly is only increasing.  Add to the fact that not only the baby is out front, but also my placenta (yes, I have an anterior placenta) it means I'm proudly waddling around with all the weight of my pregnancy front and center.  

Instead of the active and independent kinetics my body is used to I've been reduced to this...

  • Sinking into the couch means fifteen minutes of comfort and a five minute extrication to stand back up.
  • Asking anyone within ten feet of me to pick up the countless items I drop on the floor on a daily basis. 
  • Wearing flip flops all the time
  • Stairs are quickly becoming my enemy. 
  • Shaving my legs is an exhausting contortionist feat and wearing pants is a whole heck of a lot easier
  • I now know the reason why there are those handles near the roof in vehicles for entering and exiting
  • You want to lift something for me?  sure!
The view from up here.  

I'm only going to get bigger.  Everything is only going to get harder.  I'll be more and more 'handicap' at the simple activities I used to take for granted.  If anything its causing me to relate more to my obese and elderly patients with mobility issues.  Ha...  always something positive, right? 


Nolie said...

I got a positive. at least for now you can still see your toes ;)oh and don't be shy to make the hubby shave your legs.

SharleneT. said...

Nah, no sympathy. You can still see your toes and you haven't complained about shortness of breath. Still plenty of time... And, your belly is still round -- wait for the pointing! Although, I do sympathize with not being agile to helping people. It will pass and you'll be back to your beautiful self.

Regan said...

I hope you get a pedicure while you can still see your toes and appreciate the color! Plus it'll make you feel nice and pampered, too!!! I love this picture's perspective.

NickyG said...

Oh that brings back memories, makes me smile!(with relief)I can remember, in the last few weeks of my first pregnancy thinking "I can't get any bigger,this must be it" but then I did! Truley our pregnant bodies are amazing and what comes from all that expansion even more so. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! The last few weeks are absolute torture, especially the feet in the ribs! My daughter did that and she actually bruised them. But hang in there. You are in to the counting down now.

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