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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Best Welcome Home

 I don't need to tell you how insanely hot its been.  If you live anywhere in North America except Oregon and Alaska you know its been hot, ridiculously hot.  Here in Vermont we've had our first official heat wave since I've lived up here, which has been eight years.  I love how such a remarkable stretch of hot weather for the record books correlated with my third trimester.  

I'm don't mean to complain..

Okay... I kind of do.  

Really, its been awful.  The humidity has been perched near 90%.  Lows overnight are barely in the 70s so when I open the windows at night the air still remains stagnant and humid the next day.  I've been working nonstop since I came back from Maryland in a cement walled building that has no air conditioning.  In short...  I've been dying the last few days.  Shawn and I even spent three hours last night just driving around and wasting gas so we could sit in the air conditioned car rather than our hot home that lacks any cooling device except a fan or an open freezer door. 

Its been pathetic and I've been cranky.

While I was at work today, which my husband informed me topped out at 101 degrees according to our digital thermometer, I sweltered.  I sweated.  And I cursed myself for deciding to wear makeup as it ran off my face.  By the time my shift was over I was ready to move to Antarctica.  Instead, as I walked into my house after my two minute commute, I was greeted with a new sensation.

While I worked away the entire day Shawn had lovingly tracked down a brand new 600sq foot air conditioner for the living room and kitchen in our home.  After going to two other stores first he finally found a third store that had air conditioners in stock.  As he was paying for the unit apparently no less than a dozen people got in line behind him with the exact same purchase.  By the time he got home he checked the store's website and saw that every single air conditioner at the store had sold out.  Boy was he lucky...  actually boy I am lucky!

I flopped on the couch, doffed my scrubs for a more summery outfit, and thanked the lord that I didn't have to spend another evening driving around wasting gas just to avoid sweating through my clothes.  Just a little cool air and the whole world changes.

Its the little things and its also why I love my husband!


Kristin said...

Aw, now that is one good man!!!

MarieElizabeth said...

Yes, a welcome sight for you I'm sure, especially that far north. At least here we're expecting it to get this hot at some point and build accordingly. However, I remember many summers in upstate NY visiting family and not a AC unit to be found anywhere.

Smile Steady said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine living in a place with no AC! Oh to live up north... we haven't had a day out of the triple digits in over a month- I'm actually jealous of your forecast!

(Easy for me to say with my air conditioning, huh?) ;)

Enjoy your new machine, and I hope it cools off for you guys soon!

A New England Life said...

Hallelujah! How on earth people can live without a/c in this weather is beyond me! What a sweet, thoughtful guy you have there, Jen.

When I had my first baby it was really hot too. She was born August 2nd and luckily we did have a/c.

kittyhere said...

I've never been pregnant but I remember when I was engaged and talking about the timing of kids I said no way would I want the last months of a pregnancy to fall during the summer.

I am sorry for you, and the elderly patients, that there is no A/C at your workplace. But I am happy that husband scored a store with in stock A/Cs and that he had it install & running for you & your peanut when you arrived home.

Kerri said...

Come to Alberta, the weather here has been terrible! When I was pregnant in the summer, I put my feet in a tub of cool water - instant relief! It was a tip from a friend and I try to pass it along to all those crazy ladies who insist on being in their third trimester in the middle of a heat wave! I know there is no choice in the matter, I am just kidding. I too had a window unit and if you want to escape to the great outdoors try the tub of water, it works amazingly well. Excited to meet your pink bundle - Cheers to summer & 3rd trimesters!

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

What a nice surprise after a long day at work! Hope you get some relief soon:)

Anonymous said...

What a great surprise! My husband surprised me by putting in a dishwasher while I was in the hospital with our new little guy. I've haad to do them by hand for the past year. I actually cried I was so happy. I'm glad to hear you don't have to suffer through the heat any longer. What a relief, especially when you are in your third trimester.

R. Roushey said...

So glad he was able to get an air conditioner for you! I hope it cools down soon for you.

SharleneT said...

A very, special, hubby. It's when they do these little things that your heart grows two sizes with love for them. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Rosanne said...

What a guy! :)

Allie Luck said...

Those temp's really aren't fair for you guys up North, seriously! Down here in FL we are used to being miserable in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity for a good 5 months out of the year. Bless your husband for coming through with the AC, I couldn't imagine not having it.

Misty Dawn said...

What a thoughtful and wonderful husband!!! I think he's a keeper. ;-)

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