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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toes in the Water.

Well, they aren't really in the water, but very close to it.  I'll settle for rocky shoreline on an eighty degree almost-summer evening along the riverside.  My husband was wading across the rocks, casting his line in search of the ever illusive trout in the fast moving water while in my lap I juggled both my NCLEX study book and camera.  Pretty soon I'll have to forgo such multitasking and exclusively pay attention to studying...  the test is drawing nigh!

My stint in the Kingdom was awesome, as always.  It was even punctuated with a round-the-fire visit by my long lost friends whom I never see enough of now that we've moved.  There are lots of photos, but for now I don't have enough energy to sort through and share them (since I am actually writing this post last night).  A day in the sunshine, while so much fun, is always exhausting.  

More photos will have to wait until tomorrow since today I must go back to reality and back to my twenty or so patients.  Phew....


Amy said...

What a beautiful photograph! Nurses are famous for their multi-tasking abilities :). Good luck on the test! We're always available on Facebook ( or Twitter (@KaplanNCLEX) if you ever need any help!

Your friend at Kaplan Nursing,

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