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Friday, June 24, 2011

Recap of the Week

1. I walked around all afternoon at work with a giant blob of spaghetti sauce on my scrub top.  No one told me.  At least it sort of blended in, I think...

2. Peanut butter gives me heartburn.  Well, more accurately... EVERYTHING gives me heartburn, except milk.  Thank God for milk. 

3. For the first time in years I painted something!  Thank you guys for your wonderful comments about it, too!  I seriously wasn't expecting to hear how good it was.  It is crazy how much someone's little comment can affect you for years. 

4. I missed the hot air balloon festival thanks to work and bad weather.  A photo friend of mine took some amazing photos and I am utterly jealous and pissed.  He got gallery worthy photos of colorful balloons.  I got photos of landscapes, sans balloons.

5. I just realized that I cannot find my memory card for my camera!  This is a literal tragedy for me since it is full of photos I haven't even looked at yet from the last two weeks.  You have no idea how sad and mad I am.

So you all are going to have to settle for iPhone photos for now.  :(

Hanging out on the golf course waiting for the balloon launch... that never happened.

6. Saturday marks my entrance into the Third Trimester!  I am no more prepared than I was when I entered the second trimester and neither is the baby's room.  The pressure is starting to rise.

7.  My aunt, who was due in mid-July, had her baby several weeks early this week.  A healthy boy.  Yes, my aunt (my mother's brother's wife) is only a few years older than me.  

8. My RN license is officially official, as in its on the state's license database now.  When my license appeared I kept reloading the webpage no less than seventeen times just to make sure its real.

9. I finally ordered some of my own photos for the bare walls in my home.  Its about time I did that...

10.  I'm still wicked pissed about my flash driving disappearing...


Anonymous said...

If your memory is not plugged into your laptop...then, the dog ate it. It used to happen to my homework all the time..
- Bill said that

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