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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Idea of Heaven

I'm not a hard girl to please, really.  All it takes is a warm, mellow afternoon, a kayak, and some open water.  Throwing in my husband and his fishing rod doesn't hurt either. With those things combined I am Captain Planet there is no better place in the world to be.  

That fact that I am hugely pregnant and look ridiculous waddling around the river's edge in a less than classy outfit didn't bother me.  Where we were there was a thin abutment of land that divided a pond and a river.  Of course I took my time enjoying both bodies of water.

I slowly paddled around the lily pad covered pond watching the hatching bugs scatter, frogs jump, and taking in the blinding reflection of the sun on the still, cool waters.  I gently touch the lily pads, allowing water to flow into them like a saucer filling up.  

For someone who is usually very high strung and constantly moving about from one thing to the next I suddenly found myself slowed.  Inexplicably I just sat and soaked it all in, including the scorching sun rays.  In my new found slowness and patience I watched birds on the shoreline and tried my best at photographing them from my kayak with a new fondness.  With the kayak I could get so close and yet not disturb them.  It was amazing what patience could allow me to see. 

Shawn eventually called me over to the river where he had been fishing for a good while.  Despite us not being side by side the entire time we still felt more together than ever.  We were as happy as could be to be occupying the same piece of nature together yet equally enjoying ourselves. 

We spent some time together, paddling along the river.  Me, snapping photos, and him, trolling for trout.  I dipped my toes in the cool water and let the current run across my feet.  No spa could replicate a feeling such as that.  When we had drifted as far up the river as we could go we both floated back down, akin to Huck Finn on the Mississippi, and at that moment I couldn't agree more that there is no other way to live.  

I ditched my kayak for dry land as Shawn continued to fish, the trout just beginning to rise in a hungry mass for the bugs hatching on the surface.  While he caught one rainbow trout after another, holding them up and shouting to me on the shore, I tiptoed among fields of wildflowers as the sunset.  

When the light dimmed and the ruckus of a wedding reception at a nearby farm rose high in the air we packed everything up and road along the back roads until dark.  With the windows rolled down the smells of summer were high in the air, scents of lilacs and fresh mowed grassed thick enough to choke us, as we peacefully took in the countryside. 

Now that is my idea of heaven. 


pookiepantry said...

love the bottom pic... hot air balloons look so magical floating in the sky.

R. Roushey said...

Totally jealous Jen! I wish I could be out in the kayak...maybe in a few weeks! Looks like you chose a wonderful place to paddle and I can see why you can call it heaven!

julandmatt said...

Lovely description. I felt like I was there enjoying nature with you and your hubs. Great day!

Elle said...

Very Jealous... look Beautiful!!

Smile Steady said...

What a perfect day! And I kind of love that first pic of you. I wish pregnant women would take more every day shots like that- these are memories!

Misty Dawn said...

Hey! I can leave a comment now! WoooHooo Don't know why it wouldn't let me before, but it's better now, and that's what matters.
This sounds like such a fantastic day. I was smiling just reading about it!

AmyBean said...

You're looking great! And I love the pictures you took. Sounds like a really lovely day.

Rosanne said...

Sounds like a perfect day for you and your hubby to relax and enjoy life. These quiet moments spent together will become even more precious after the baby comes. :)

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