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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Wonderful Suprise!

After several years of blogging and visiting others blogs I've met some great people.  While none of us have actually met in person we know a good deal about one another and these friends are just as lovely and wonderful people as any of my others that I see on a regular basis. 

This is an example why.

My friend Tammy, aka TLee, thought of me the other day with a wonderful surprise in the mail.  The only question she asked me was "are you going to be breast feeding?"  and with my answer she packaged up something and shipped it from one end of the east coast to another.  I had no idea what to expect!

A couple days later a tiny package arrived and I eagerly tore into it to find an item I had discovered in my long hours of internet browsing on baby-related items.  After listening to a friend of mine tell me how earlier that day she had to try and feed her baby in a car in a crowded parking lot and shield herself from passerbys I decided I needed to find something to avoid such a situation should it arise with my babe.  Tammy had already thought of that for me!

Its a nursing cover!  She sent a wonderful letter saying how she had an extra, brand new one for a girl and had been holding onto it until she knew of someone having a baby girl.  I happened to be that someone.  

I am thrilled to have this and thrilled she thought of me!  After all, I don't really have a single stitch of anything baby related so such a gift is greatly appreciated.  Not to mention all my close friends have boys so there is not a pink or frilly thing to pass down.  I will have the only lady amongst a half a dozen friends who have birthed or will birth a baby this year! 

Her gesture also made me think that maybe others have something baby related not needed or would like to gift.  If so you can send me anything via mail:
PO Box 468
Wilder VT 05088

I'm not requesting charity, but rather just saying if the thought crossed your mind and you didn't know how or where to send it or my opinions of receiving mail now you know!  Heck, even if you don't send anything or want to send a letter, a card, or something completely random and funny I'd love that.  Getting mail is fun!  And I'll post it on here if you'd like. 


Anonymous said...

That's so pretty! AND I'm happy to see you are going to breastfeed! It's been one of my favorite parts of being a Mom. My son is now 15 months and we are still going strong <3

I think you helped me when my son was newly born and I had something happen where I could barely move or speak at home. I never opened my eyes to see but I remember the voice in the back of the ambulance. My Husband was sure it was you.. so if it was. Thank You! I remember being so out of it in every way except hanging on listening to your voice <3

R. Roushey said...

What an awesome surprise! Isn't amazing how wonderful the blogging community is?!

leslie burroughs said...

How completely wonderful those look to be! I REALLY wish they had had those when I was breastfeeding! We used baby blankets and it must have gotten hot under there because this little arm would come up and throw the blanket off....OOPS Blessings Leslie in Montana

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