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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I am Not Going to Graduation

My graduation is this weekend. and where will I be?  Doing a 24 hour shift at one of the ambulance services I work for.  Actually... that 24 hour shift is followed by another 24 hour shift at another service meaning 48 hours in a row of work.  Oopsies on my scheduling part.  

But anyway.

I have finished school.  


Nursing school has officially ended.  All the exams are over, clinical experiences had, and all those nights spent studying are long over (well except studying for the NCLEX).  Just like that.  Its quite amazing, but despite all that I am not going to celebrate the end of a degree program in a typical manner.  I am not going to don a cap and gown, sit through a seemingly endless procession, and listen to speeches about my future and achievements.  

I've been there before.

Three times, including last year. 


College (B.S. Degree)

LPN graduation

And now I have had my fill of pomp and circumstance surrounding my degree.  Last years graduation was amazing.  My parents flew up from Maryland for the occasion with my grandmother.  When we were pinned as LPNs it was my grandmother who put the pin on me and proudly hugged me.  This year is different.

If I were to go I'd be there alone and what fun is a celebration alone while I watch my classmates cavort with their family and significant others?  My husband is working and with an impending baby I don't want my parents to have to make multiple trips all the way to Vermont that aren't necessary.  Traveling is expensive and I want them to save their trips for the baby.  She's a million times more important. 

Also, unlike last year where graduation was simply those in the nursing program this graduation is EVERYONE at Vermont Technical college and a unlimited amount of family members.  If you know me you already know I am not a crowd person.  Crowds make me impatient.  Waiting in endless lines make me impatient.  Being unable to see because I am amongst a thousand students, each with a half dozen guests, makes me impatient.

Basically I'd just be impatient and cranky.

No one wants that.  Including me.

Instead I am working like I always do, like it is any other weekend and when Shawn and I have the chance we will celebrate it our own way with a nice dinner out.  I also get to celebrate by starting the new nursing job I mentioned to you the other day.   

So, that is why I am not going to graduation in a nut shell.

If I further my education and obtain my Masters, which I actually plan on once I pay down my current student loans, I will certainly attend that graduation.  For now, I just want last year to be how I remember my nursing accomplishments. 


laraine said...

Congratulations on getting your Nursing degree. That is so awesome. I'm not big on pomp and circumstance either. I missed my college graduation and would have skipped my Masters grad if not for my husband really wanting to go (we got our masters at the same time).

You are so right that the baby is way more important for your parents to save their trips for.

MarieElizabeth said...

Congratualtions on the degree and the new job! That's fantastic. I didn't go to my last graduation either. I promised my family I'd go to the next one. (you know, when ever I finish that final portion of the program). Also, your cards will be headed your way - as soon as I can get the package to the post office. Happy celebrating!

Amy said...

Congrats to you on the new job and graduation! We will celebrate on the blog with you, it's cheaper and more fun!:) I have to choose wisely vacation trips too, have no family here in the Valley either:( remind me again, when is the little peanut "supposed" to arrive?:)I reaally am hoping she inherits your beautiful dark curly hair!!!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Congratulations! You are awesome! And you sure don't have to have your family present to know how immensely proud of you they are! God Bless!!

Beth said...

I missed my college graduation as well. In that two month time between finishing school and the actual graduation ceremony we moved as far as humanly possible from North Carolina while still being in the U.S. Well, Hawaii might be farther, I've never actually done the math.

I would have like to have gone to the ceremony but sky high airfare = me staying here (ha, I made a pun!). It would have been nice if my family had acknowledged it with a little more than "oh hey, your graduation was today," but I'm not bitter ;P

Mel said...

Congratulations on being done. Once you have been to one graduation, you have been to them all. I probably wouldn't go either. You get the paper saying you did it either way!

Nolie said...


Smile Steady said...

You're finished! Congratulations!

My MBA graduation is this Saturday, and I'm skipping it. Caps and gowns fall under the category of "unnecessary expenses," and I kind of hate graduations anyway. They're boring.

Plus, I technically still have one more class to take this summer, so I don't really even think it counts!

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