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Monday, May 16, 2011

When Blogger Was Down

On Friday the 13th countless Bloggers awoke to find that their blogs were not functional.  New posts were lost, comments erased, and I suddenly wondered what to do with myself.  My morning routine of posting and reading was derailed, but before I could even collect my thoughts my husband whisked me away...  

to Home Depot that is.

What a guy.  

Actually, we ended up accomplishing more than I ever imagined.  After perusing the garden center and other various locations of the store we settled on several projects for the day.  My hands, feet, and legs were covered in dirt before long.  I was contorted into positions no pregnant woman could ever comfortably be in (and my back sorely paid for it later that evening), but it was great.  The sun beat down strong and I soaked in the heavy doses of Vitamin D.  While I gardened, planting flowers here and there, rearranged plants, watered, and played with the dogs in the grass Shawn worked on our newly installed fence, adding a gate. 

Hours later I was dirty and sweaty, but felt amazing.  I had forgotten about my blog and in doing so remembered what it was like to get up off my duff and accomplish something with substance.  While I love ya'll who come and read my blog (some of you everyday!)  I hope that you don't forget to turn off your computer and disconnect once and a while.  :)  


Amy said...

I agree fully with you:)I was digging in the dirt last week too. My favorite reason to not check in...Floating with my family down the Shenandoah River for the day:)

Regan said...

Great advice. Going to school full-time on top of everything else, you forget that there is a real world out beyond your own four walls. We were at our own Home Depot this weekend. I am headed back today. We don't have a garden or much of a yard, here in the big city, but we are using our deck. We're planting tomatoes and cucumbers. We bought more plants and seeds than we did potting soil and planters. Headeding back to fix us up!

Can't wait to see pictures of your efforts, as we know we can count on that! Go rest your back, though.

Misty Dawn said...

Jen, this is exactly what I've been struggling with. It came to a point where I realized I am on the computer 8 hours at work, then as soon as I get home to do my second job, and then many hours after that to blog, flickr, twitter, etc.
I've been missing out on photo walks, reading books, time with my dogs, and time with my husband. So, I made a deal with myself to MAKE more time away from the computer, only to have a supposed friend recently send me a very hurtful e-mail, cursing at me about being a bad friend, because I'm not online all the time. Geesh.

SharleneT said...

If you had a two-year-old demanding all your time, you would stop it in the bud. Don't understand why this generation allows that same behavior with their cell phones and blogging. If you aren't in control of your blog (choosing when to blog, or not) you have given yourself a JOB! Without PAY! I scheduled my blogging in with my life. And if the world doesn't like it, not my problem. When I reach a point where it's necessary to blog every day, I'll hire someone.

The world is out there to be seen and enjoyed and made a part of your memories. If you don't experience it, you won't have any fodder for your blog. Give yourselves a break.

As to that 'friend' who sent the angry email, tell her to get a life...

Mel said...

Amen! Sometimes I find myself glued to the computer because there is so much to "check." It's nice to get away and unplug myself every now and then.

Rosanne said...

I agree with you completely. I have days when I don't check email or phone messages. Guess it has something to do with growing up without all these gadgets. :) I would love to see a photo of your newly planted flowers. I used to enjoy gardening, but can't seem to make anything grow out here in the desert. :( said...

Your post reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: (I forgot the author though, and too lazy to google it)
"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt".

(Sounds like accomplished that!)

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