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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Did Last Night

I've spent my entire evening glued to my computer monitor in sheer horror and fascination.  While I've always loved weather, especially the severe aspect of it, I still felt a horrible knot in my stomach while watching a tornado form before my eyes and then flatten towns and trees as if they were made of paper. 

I took some screen shots of the live feed as I watched it and thought I'd share them with you from the tornado's inception to death and damage after.  Its chilling.

Be thankful for what you have, pray for those who face tragedies such as this, and be humbled by the amazing power of the weather.


Misty Dawn said...

I thought I was getting past the PTSD from being in the tornado in 2009. Lately, however, I realize I'm still dealing with it. I have no words for the heartbreak I feel for Joplin, Kansas, Oklahoma... I just have no words.

Beth said...

Tornadoes terrify me. I was happy when we moved from Michigan to the Mississippi coast because I thought I would only have to deal with hurricanes, which generally come with a lot of warning, giving me ample time to get the heck out of Dodge. I didn't know that in front of every hurricane came tornadoes! So not fair! I'm happy to report that Alaska is a tornado free zone. Now I just have to get used to earth quakes and tsunami warnings.
Praying for everyone in the midwest. Crazy things are happening.

Nolie said...

Horrifying. Tornadoes are one of my worst fears. I get major anxiety at the mention of a storm. What is happening across the US makes me cry and my thoughts are with everyone.

MarieElizabeth said...

Unfortunately, our radar looks a lot like that again tonight. Here's hoping this extreme weather stops soon so everyone can clean up.

Lindsey said...

It has been terrible here in TN where I live, whew! We had warnings tonight actually, but it passed and all is okay for now - thank goodness! I know so many people are with out homes and even their family due to this terrible weather we've been having! Makes us all stop and think, we are so lucky!!

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