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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks Blogger - Not Really


Blogger has caused some issues for both me and you!  Not only did it erase my latest post that I wrote for today it also erased about half the comments left for my pay it forward give away.  So... if you left a comment yesterday it might not be there anymore!  Ack!

Please check out the Pay it Forward post to see if your comment is there if you entered it earlier.  If not, then please enter it now!  I will choose a winner tomorrow morning now, rather than this evening. 

In the mean time... I'm off to enjoy this SPECTACULAR weather with my husband.  We are off together all day at the same time for once! 


R. Roushey said...

Glad you have some wonderful weather...that must have been from earlier in the week's cold and rainy now, I'll try not to send that your way! said...

I attempted to comment yesterday, but wasn't able to. Hopefully this means this issue with Blogger has been corrected..?!

TLG14 said...

I love that photo!! If I won the photo, I would purchase another one of your photos from your etsy site and give it away! Thanks, Teri

Glyndalyn said...

I would pay it forward by contributing some money anonymously on someone's electric bill.

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