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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saving the Day in an Ambulance sort of Way

We had been busy all morning and lunch was a little late.  It was just one of those days and I was very thankful that for the first hour of my shift where I was still stuffed with sleepiness that I was able to fit in a quick nap to shake off the tiredness that had followed me on the long drive to the station. 

By some grace of God we had just finished eating lunch.  I was able to enjoy my vanilla pudding cup in complete peaceful bliss before hearing some unusual radio traffic on the station's overhead speakers.  It was another ambulance.  There had been some trouble.  Something went wrong and they were now out of service on the side of the interstate with a patient in the back.  

"Oh!  We get to go help them!  And they have a paramedic, must be a serious call."  I said to my partner, not wasting any time getting to the truck.  Nothing is worse heading to a hospital with a sick patient only to be delayed or completely derailed and we didn't want to make them wait any longer.

At first we thought they were trying to go to the hospital right next to our station... taking a critical patient from a 911 call for aid.  Then the speakers cracked again before we could leave the station and we heard the medic on the downed ambulance advise he was en route to a larger Level I hospital, a good hour away.  We were just signed up for a long distance transfer for a patient that wasn't ours from a hospital we don't facilitate with.  ...that's just how it work's sometimes. 

After a short jog up the interstate we spotted the other ambulance.  Actually, more accurately put, we smelled the other ambulance.  Brakes.  Hot Brakes.  That was what we could smell a good half mile before reaching them.  Then there was the giant splatter of blood splashed across the road and it became clear what had happened.

Roadkill... aka... dead deer. 

Note the blood and excrement on the front of the passenger side?

With their truck disabled and out of service our ambulance swooped in, gathered up the patient and their paramedic, and continued on our merry way the long travel down the interstate to the Level I hospital.  It was an uneventful ride once the patient was in our ambulance.  He dozed and the medic and I, who has also just recently graduated nursing school and is waiting to take is NCLEX exam as well, chatted the entire way.  

It was just another day of doing my job and getting credit for saving the day, but really all I did was show up when I was called, pick up a patient, and then take a long ride to another hospital.  Nothing different than normal, but it still makes for a cool story. 


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Good that your ambulance could run back-up for the first one! Glad the patient did okay.

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