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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Real Nursing Job

The last few days I have been babbling about my new nursing job, but not revealing much more about it.  I suppose its time to spill the beans since all the paper work is in order I a start date is set a couple weeks from now. 

While this new job is not my ideal, critical care, hospital oriented, flight nurse job it is a job.  After applying to over eight positions at various hospitals and hearing back from nearly all of them that I didn't have enough experience (the few that didn't say that I didn't hear from at all) I decided to change the type of job I was looking for.  The stress of a growing belly didn't help either.  While I know its illegal to discriminate against a woman for being pregnant I am no idiot and knew that waltzing into a job for an interview seven or eight months pregnant wouldn't get me hired no matter how qualified I was.  So, while my belly was still medium-sized and not absolutely daunting to potential employers or my orientation time I stopped being so picky about where I worked.  

I then did what I told myself and many others I wouldn't do when I began nursing school two years ago.

I applied at a nursing home.

Two days later I was hired as a day shift charge nurse.

Regular daytime hours.  Nursing pay.  Just a mile from my house.  Add in the fact that it is not easy for a brand new nurse to jump into a career.

I'll take it..  Yep, and so I did. 

So in these next few weeks I will go from nursing student to charge nurse.  What a leap.  Holy cow am I nervous and excited.  I'm also going to approach this new job with an open mind.  Honestly I've always loved the elderly.  Their stories, history, and humor always make me smile.  I hope to form the type of bonds I hear other nurses talk of where they actually miss their patients when they aren't at work.  Plus, with an impending babe on the way all I can think of is making sure I have a solid job, no matter what it is.  A solid job with good hours conducive to daycare.  Its amazing how your brain starts thinking differently.  Not to mention with gas at $4 a gallon the extremely short, actually walkable, drive is ultra appealing.  

There is an upside to everything. 


Samantha said...

It takes a special kind of person to work with the elderly..I bet you rock this job! :)

Connie said...

Congrats on the new job! Sounds perfect for you - even if it's not what you had in mind. It's funny how things always work out differently than we plan, but they do always work out :)

Misty Dawn said...

It takes a very special person to be a nursing home nurse. Well, the kind of nurse who actually takes time to get to know the patients and their families... Here's a story about one of the best nurses I've ever known, and he worked at a nursing home -

janel said...

You will be great. Just remember when things get challenging, each of the people that you are with were once your age with the same dreams, struggles, and hopes that you are experiencing---and they look in the mirror and cannot believe how time has escaped them. You will be the fresh air and sunshine that they yearn for. You will be a gift. Thinking of you. Good luck!

Smile Steady said...

Aww, I think you will be great at this! I also think the patients will absolutely love to have you and stories of your babe around! Just think of all the joy your growing belly will bring them! Congratulations!

Beth said...

Congratulations on the job. I'm sure you will be great at it and your patients will love you! The regular hours will be really nice when your baby is born.

Kristin said...

You will learn and love so much working there! I used to help with church services at our local nursing home, and the one hour service always turned into a 3-4 hour visit during which I met some of the most fascinating people. It's emotionally tough, but extremely rewarding! My husband's grandmother died a couple of years ago after being in the nursing home for awhile, and she loved her nurses so much that the bedridden woman kept insisting that she had been baking cookies with her "lovely nurses." Dementia, obviously, but they made her so happy!

Jes Cady said...

Congratulations on the new job!!! You are such a compassionate and caring person that no matter where you are you will be the best nurse ever.

SharleneT said...

So happy for you! This is great for your resume! You'll be fine and it's wonderful that it's so close. Lordy, gas is high, these days. You really have to plan your travel routes. Walking will be great exercise. said...

Loved Janel's comment.

Your love of the elderly will really help you with this job. My mom was in a nursing home for 3 1/2 years. I lived 5 minutes away, and was there all the time. Great nurses made a HUGE difference!

kittyhere said...

Congratulations on the new job. Having dealt with my mother-in-law spending several years in a nurse home & my own mom having been in and out of a nurse home for recovery periods I can tell you a good nurse is so important to the residents and families.

Plus I think being so close to home with regular hours will be important to you when your little girl arrives.

If you want some inspiration about how much a great nursing home charge nurse matters read "Making Rounds with Oscar" by David Dosa M.D. It is a 'quick read' & made me want to move to the location of that nursing home for my own future twilight time.

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