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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready or Not - A Test Date has been Set!

So officially I am unofficially a Registered Nurse!  Meaning, according to the state of Vermont I have a temporary Gradate Nursing licensed as an RN, but its not the real deal.  It only lasts 90 days so I have to take my NCLEX and pass it in that time frame if I want to make that RN after my name official and permanent. 

Don't worry...  I'm going to make it official.  

In just under three weeks I will be sitting for the NCLEX-RN.  Its officially been scheduled, paid for, and is not set in stone.  I'm even taking off a day of work for the occasion, which work doesn't mind since the test outcome greatly impacts them as well.    Now all that I have to do is study...

A lot.

Because I'm a slacker.

Yes, I'll admit that I've been out of school for a few weeks now and have manage only a miniscule amount of studying thanks to my new job and complete freedom from assignments and school for the first time in the last three years.  The sudden lack of structure and grade that matter really wreaks havoc on my diligence to study on my own.  Soaking up novels that I've abandoned over the years I was in school has seemed so much more enticing...   But now that its official and there is a date looming.  This means my adult responsibility, that drove me through school while sacrificing any other sort of life, is going to kick in.  

To the books I go so I can make this my one valiant and successful attempt!  Think happy thoughts for me!


Smile Steady said...

Good luck, friend! You'll feel so much better once that test is out of the way. I remember the day my results came in the mail... it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!

Dianne said...

I remember the day the results of my NCLEX-RN came in the mail. It was POURING down rain and I couldn't find my umbrella. Nevermind, I'd seen the postman drop off the mail and I was one of the last to receive the results. I just knew it had to be there. It was...all happy, great news! That was 1978 and I still remember! Hang in there and good luck!

R. Roushey said...

It's just a formality, right? You'll do great!

Mel said...

Good luck. Hopefully the weather isn't too nice for you te next couple weeks, that sure would make it even harder to be diligent.

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