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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Questions Anyone?

One thing I've never done since I started this blog is hold a question and answer forum.  I'm not really sure why, but being that I am overly busy adjusting to a new job's demanding orientation and haven't had a ton of free time to do anything too exciting other than folding laundry I figured there is no better time than now to hold my first ever question/answer post!

So go ahead...

Ask me anything you want in a comment below and I will answer all your questions in my next post this weekend.  

Feel free to ask me anything you'd like, from pregnancy and ambulances, to what kinds of deodorant I use.  Its up to you and I am eager to see what you've been wondering that I maybe haven't answered in all my random posts. 


Dianna said...

When I told my son that I had "met" a blogger from Vermont, he wondered if you live near Coventry? He went to a Phish concert there in 2004. (he's a big Phish phan, and I know all parents would say this, but he really does go for the music and not the......other stuff!) said...

in ks did you get my email that i would like a copy of your last 365 things idid befor you burned out that i would like a copy of the last pic you did that farm scene with the fog drifting across the top of the pic that was your last when you called it quits i thought it was a very pretty pic but all your pic are ifirst saw some of your pic on P. W. one of her contest a 5 by 7 or 8by10 be nice

Anonymous said...

First I truly enjoy your blog thanks for sharing. I stumbled across it looking for Info on "Cabins" We have seen pictures of the new place but not so much the old cabin that you moved from. I was just wondering how rustic is was? Do you miss it? Do you still own it and can you post a few pics. Congrats to you and your hubby on the pending arrival. May your family be blessed.
Todd From Detroit Michigan(The Home of Rock n Roll).......not really from Detroit about 60miles north in a little farm town called Attica

Regan said...

No question really - just a comment.

I found your blog after visiting the Pioneer Woman's favorite blogs. I come back daily to see what's up... I love your photographs, I should really purchase a few from your Etsy store.

I know you're busy with work, a new little bundle of joy on the way and getting settled into your new home. However...Keep up the good work. Thanks for bringing a little of the Northeast into my life.


Tony said...

Now that you are a soon-to-be, technically now, mother, does that alter your future career plans? If so, what are they?

Anonymous said...

I too stumbled upon your blog when visiting Poineer Woman. The VT part caught my attention. I have lived in WV for 22 years now, but my family is from the Woodstock area. I am very familiar with the West Leb and White River area as we seem to make a trip there every time we visit. I love your pictures and they make me a little (lot) homesick. Congratulations on your new job and soon to be bundle of joy. Thanks for blogging so I can connect with a little bit of "home" every day.

T Lee said...

I have a few Q's jennifer: 1) what names are in the running for baby girl? 2) what is your religious/spiritual affiliation and do you plan any changes in your church attendance when baby girl comes? 3) how much do you think about or consider the governments role in our personal lives and do you consider yourself strongly democratic or republican? 4) at this point in time how would you see yourself raising/guiding/teaching a boy child vs. a girl child? how would they differ,? 5) how soon after this child would you see yourself having another or would you?

ok, ok....i'll stop...but, i want you to look back in five years to your answers to these questions (all of them, not just mine, lol) and reflect on how your mind and thinking have changed......or not!~ :D i have no agenda here other than to make you think about all this.....
our world is so ever changing!!!!

Mandy said...

I stumbled across your website while checking out Pioneer Woman's website. I was drawn in by all your beautiful photographs but also enjoy your stories as well. So what has been your favorite part about being an EMT and what are some of the craziest patients you have had? =)

Beth said...

I also stumbled here from PW and I love hearing your stories. Us bloggers and blog readers are pretty voyeuristic, aren't we? I guess my question is how and why did you become passionate about photography and how did you figure out what you were doing? Did you take a class, read books about it, etc.? Also, how did you learn about editing your photos?

Kim said...

what was your favorite snack when you were a kid?
what kind of music do you like?
what, if any, movies influenced you growing up?

Misty Dawn said...

Do you have certain blogs that you visit on a daily/regular basis? (always looking for new blogs to visit)

How has your Etsy shop been working for you?

Do you use a tripod or do you "shoot" handheld?

Would you consider doing a tutorial on using textures? HDR? (Yes, I know I've been bugging you about that for a long time hehe)

OK - that's enough with the questions.
I want to thank you for your wonderful posts and for sharing you fantastic talent with us. I also thank you for the photography contests you so generously have for us!

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