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Monday, May 9, 2011

The LAST Thing to Make the Move

Being that we moved in December, just as the snow began to pile on the ground and winter a long Vermont winter settled in there was one particular thing that couldn't make the long drive down to our new home.

The Mustang.

It spent the winter safely tucked away in Shawn's parent's garage up in Island Pond.  Safe from the detrimental salt and snow that would eat away at its pretty paint job we just paid to have touched up.  Safe from hazardous driving since it doesn't have power steering or anti-lock brakes.  

Finally, the snow has abated and the salt has been washed off the roads so we returned north to our old home town (that filled me with home-sickness to see) and retrieved the very last thing of our old life up North.  

True to Northern Vermont the sunny skies that graced us at our new home disappeared the further north we drove.  Soon there were spotty rain showers and cold winds coming off the mountain tops that were still spotted with snow on the northern facing slopes.  Snow!  Imagine that, I thought, thinking of how we had mowed our lawn for the first time last week and leaves were unfurling on the trees in our yard.  

Our stay in the still unthawing and yet-to-green-up North wasn't long.  We had a long drive back to our new home and wanted to make the drive back before the sky darkened.  It seems we can never stay long enough now that we've left Island Pond.

So I followed my husband who carefully and happily drove his beloved car down the roads we used to travel everyday.  Down the mountain sides and then following the long and trusty Connecticut River to our home.  Two hours later, after forgoing the interstate for an easier ride for the Mustang, we pulled into our driveway.  The last piece of our old home finally at our new.

Its bitter sweet, I thought, as I pulled out old maple leaves that had gotten stuck in the Mustangs grill last fall sitting at our old cabin.  Boy, how things have changed, but the world and wheels keep on turning no matter where you are. 


R. Roushey said...

What an awesome car. I'm glad it was finally able to make its trip to its new home.

Misty Dawn said...

Oh my... I'm drooling over here (and oh so jealous)!!! It's beautiful!

Smile Steady said...

What a beautiful car. And I guess you're officially city folks now!

Anonymous said...

Love the car! Don't neglect it once the baby comes.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Smile Steady-- Gah! That thought makes me sad! :( I want to stay a "country bumpkin" forever. I'm going to bring out flannel to our new town like never before. ha.

And don't worry... Shawn won't neglect that car. I won't let him :)

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